Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Lu Zhanbei Do You Still Want Face?

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Lu Zhanbei could no longer keep track of how many times he had been rejected.

“Lin Wanwan!”


Lu Zhanbei looked stern. He even squinted both eyes and looked just a little dangerous.

“When exactly are you going to promise me? If you promise me now, it’ll be good for both parties. If you dare reject”

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and said in an unkind tone, “What will you do? Throw me off the plane?”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her for a long while. Both his arms hooked Lin Wanwan in front of him. Without giving her a chance to react, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

It was only after a series of sucking and tangling, wherein she started to become breathless and tried hard to struggle, that he whispered lightly in her ears, “I will kiss you first, then seduce you in a new way.”

Lin Wanwan glared at him fiercely. However, her face was flushed red and her eyes were watery. Not only did she not offer the slightest deterrence, she actually looked more charming.

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes darkened. His slender fingers played with the hair strands hanging by her cheeks.

“Every time you reject me in the future, the result will be as above.”

Out of extreme anger, Lin Wanwan laughed. “Lu Zhanbei, do you still want face?”

Lu Zhanbei pointed at his own face. “Would I not want such a good-looking face?”

“ Did you learn something from Tang Chen?!” His skin was so thick that it could be rolled into a pancake and be eaten!

As he saw Lin Wanwan’s helpless look, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes flashed slightly.

Actually, in his eyes, Tang Chen only had one pro being thick-skinned.

He learned it in time and started to use it in front of Lin Wanwan.

They reached Feng Capital an hour later. Both of them took a taxi and reached the Feng Capital TV station.

Lin Wanwan let Lu Zhanbei wait for her outside. She went to the front desk alone.

“Hello, I’m Lin Wanwan. I have an appointment with the director of ‘King of Limits.'”

The receptionist had long been notified. Upon hearing this, she smiled and said, “This way please.”

“Thank you.”

The receptionist brought Lin Wanwan to the fifth floor and stopped in front of a room.

“The other three female artistes have arrived. The program director and investors will meet with all of you later.”


Lin Wanwan pushed open the door and entered. As she stepped foot inside, she felt three lines of sight sweeping past her.

Three beautiful women of different styles were seated on the sofa in the middle of the lounge.

One was beautiful and graceful, with a noble and elegant demeanor. It was just that she had an air of arrogance and looked all mighty and superior.

Another was beautiful and glamorous, and she seemed to be domineering and put on airs.

The last one was cold and arrogant, like a lotus flower standing in the wind. She had an almost otherworldly beauty.

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan knew the former two, and they even had some connections.

“Lin Wanwan?”

“It’s you!”

The two people who were connected with Lin Wanwan had opened their mouths in unison and their faces immediately sank.

Lin Wanwan smiled and walked over. “Ms. Su, Ms. Meng. Hello.”

That’s right. Out of these two, one was Su Maner, the one who had a big grudge on her before. The other was Meng Lu, one of the four starlets last year.

Su Maner looked at Lin Wanwan and a hint of ruthlessness flashed past her eyes.

Meng Lu sneered and said, “I’m sorry. I really can’t be well with you around. What’s wrong with the program team? They actually invited a newbie like you to compare us with. Isn’t this lowering our grade?”

Though being criticized, Lin Wanwan did not get angry. Instead, her smile was wiped off.

It was all Tang Chen’s fault. This Ms. Meng Lu had successfully borne a grudge against her.