Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 432

Chapter 432 One Vs Three Being Pushed Aside

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When giving out the awards at the last Silver Deer Movie Festival, Tang Chen deliberately read out the wrong name and made a fool of Meng Lu in front of everyone.

Meng Lu dared not do anything to Tang Chen, but she could vent her anger at her.

When she heard the sarcastic words Meng Lu said to Lin Wanwan, the ugly expression on Su Maners face eased slightly. She said plainly, "Meng Lu, we are considered veterans in the entertainment circle. Theres no need to bother with the juniors. Shes here today only as a mere formality. Forget it."

Although Su Maner disliked Meng Lu, it could be considered hatred that she felt for Lin Wanwan.

She had made a move several times but Lin Wanwan had successfully evaded all of them. Because of this, she even suffered a lot of losses.

This slut was damn lucky!

Meng Lu didnt buy it and smiled coldly. "What business is it of yours if I want to bother with Lin Wanwan?"

Most people in and out of the entertainment circle knew that she was not on good terms with Su Maner.

It was widely known that the two of them often bought over scripts to smear each others reputation. There was also constant friction between their fans.

Being refuted, Su Maner felt that she could not step down from the stage.

Meng Lu changed the topic and continued, "However, there is one thing youre right about. Shes just a newbie who knows how to use men to advance in the entertainment circle. Even if she was lucky enough to be selected by the program team, shes only here today as a mere formality. Its not worth it for us to waste our time and effort."

The anger in Su Maners eyes dissipated a little. "Youre right."

Hearing the two of them criticizing her, Lin Wanwan impatiently rubbed her ears.

At this moment, that cold beauty who was wearing a white dress suddenly said coldly, "I hate the kind of people who are incapable and only know how to use dishonest practices the most. To be under the same roof as such a person is really polluting the air I breathe in!"

After saying this, she stood up and chose a seat furthest away from Lin Wanwan.

It was as if sitting nearer to Lin Wanwan would be blasphemy.

Seeing this, Lin Wanwan smiled. However, this smile didnt reach her eyes. She recalled who this woman was.

Qin Xiangyu. She was labeled by the fans as a little fairy who should only be in the sky.

Except when filming, she always wore in her daily life a modified long white dress that bore a classic style.

With her long hair fluttering and her cold and arrogant expression, she really did resemble an otherworldly fairy.

Shed starred as a fairy in a sword-play drama and received good ratings from the netizens.

Thereafter, she had filmed movies and produced records. The results were not bad, and she gained more popularity.

Similar to Lin Wanwan, she was labeled as one of the four popular starlets this time around by the media.

Lin Wanwan knew her place well. Among the four people in the room, her reputation and qualifications were the worst.

Su Maner covered her mouth and said with a smile, "Xiangyu, youre too direct. So what if Lin Wanwan doesnt take the right path? Shes still standing in this position to compete with us fairly. I estimate that two years from now, even we cant compare against her."

Qin Xiangyus look became colder. "Sister Maner, for a person like her, even if she knew how to curry favor for personal gain, she wouldnt have glorious moments for long. I dont know how she has the courage to come here and compete with Sister Maner."

Lin Wanwan, who was at the side, nearly laughed out loud.

Hear hear. Sister Maner everywhere. The intention to please was pretty much written on her forehead.

Wasnt she an otherworldly being? Would a fairy also please a mortal?

Oh please.

"Ms. Qin, Im just like you. We were both invited by the program team formally. Its not up to you to say how long more I can have glorious moments. Understand?"