Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Hypochondriasis Is A Type Of Illness That Has To Be Cured

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Their budget was to be spent on those big-shot male artistes. They didnt want to waste too much on the female artiste.

However, Su Maner was the big shot among all four of them. She was smooth and sleek and very suitable for reality shows.

"Director Wu, actually, my fee is not considered high."

Su Maner saw the look of hesitation in their eyes and smiled confidently.

"Since the program team took the initiative to invite me, I believe they understand the commercial value I could bring along. I am also very confident that I can perform outstandingly in this program.

"It is clear at a glance who would meet the audiences preferences more a cheap yet clumsy female emcee or a happy fruit who is easily likable and specializes in long-sleeved dances.

"If both of you meddle with the effect of the entire program because of a few banknotes, then thats really losing a great deal trying to save a little."

As a famous actress, Su Maner had long since not lacked popularity. The reason why she wanted to participate in "King of Limits" was because, number one, the program was very popular and, number two, everyone knew that one could earn a lot of money in a short period of time from reality shows. Thus, she was here to dig for gold.

Director Wu subconsciously nodded and looked towards Mr. Li, who was next to him.

Mr. Li smiled and said, "Ms. Maner, I must admit your words have moved me."

Su Maners tone was a little more excited as she said, "Then what Mr. Li means is that"

"In three days, we will announce the newest female emcee candidate on our official Weibo account. You will know the results by then."

Su Maner had her mind set that she had already been selected. She stood up and nodded humbly towards the two of them. She could not hide the smile on her face.

"Ok. Ill get going first then."


Su Maner returned to the lounge. Qin Xiangyu immediately greeted her. It was difficult to hide the trace of eagerness in her tone as she asked, "Sister Maner, are the results out? Have you succeeded?"

Su Maner wanted to nod. However, the results were, after all, not announced yet. As such, she changed her words and said, "More or less."

A trace of jealousy flashed past Qin Xiangyus heart. On the surface, she could only smile lightly. "Congratulations."

At this moment, the secretary who walked over with Su Maner walked towards Lin Wanwan.

"Ms. Lin, please follow me."

Lin Wanwan had just stood up when Qin Xiangyus cold gaze swept over.

"The program team has already chosen Sister Maner. Why must you invite humiliation on yourself? We have long said that you are here just as a mere formality. Unless they are blind, they wouldnt choose you as a guest."

"Xiangyu!" Su Maner yelled at her with a dissatisfied look. "Youre going too overboard. For some things, you should just leave it be. After all, we are all in the same entertainment circle. Do leave her some face too. Lin Wanwan, sorry. Xiangyus a little more straightforward. You wouldnt mind, right?"

Lin Wanwan looked at their hypocritical faces. She suddenly curved her lips and smiled.

"Face? A person who actually thought that victory is hers when the results are not even made public yet dared to talk to me about face? This could possibly be the most laughable joke Ive heard this year. Su Maner, hypochondriasis is a type of illness that has to be cured."

Generally speaking, she didnt like to engage in verbal battles with people. However, this doesnt mean she didnt know how to.


Su Maner, whose face was full of gloom, saw Lin Wanwan leave with quick steps. She was so full of hatred that she nearly bit off a tooth!

Sensing her anger, Qin Xiangyu hurriedly pacified her. "Sister Maner, dont be angry. Shes just jealous and not willing to take it lying down that you won. Now, she could only pretend to be glib."

Upon hearing this, Su Maners anger dissipated.

Based on her capabilities, this position would definitely not run away from her. When the results get announced, everyone would naturally understand how big the gap was between her and Lin Wanwan!