Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 435

Chapter 435 As Long As You Can Do It

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In the meeting room next door, Lin Wanwan had just sat down when Director Wu went straight into the topic. "We want to ask you two questions."

Lin Wanwan blinked. "Having loved before, I dont know how to operate an excavator. I didnt take medicine, thus I feel cute and dazed every day."


Wu Mingtian and Mr. Li were both confused over her sudden words.

After a while, a glimmer of interest was revealed in Mr. Lis eyes. He laughed and said, "Haha, Ms. Wanwan is really interesting."

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying anything. Since she wanted to participate in a variety show, she naturally had to showcase her ability in this area.

After that, Wu Mingtian still asked those two questions.

Lin Wanwan immediately answered, "To be honest, what I have my eyes on is the market value behind this show. Among the four of us whom youve invited, Im the least outstanding. Thus, my aim is to gain popularity, not money. Im easy with the fee. You can just give me a little to acknowledge the hard work Ive done."

At first, Wu Mingtian and Mr. Li were both stunned. Then, they looked at each other, deep in thought.

Lin Wanwans short sentence had revealed two messages.

Number one, they need not worry about the fee as everything could be discussed.

Number two, as she had the lowest qualifications among the four, she would work hard to fight for popularity. Thus, there wasnt a need to worry about the effect of the program.

These two points were coincidentally what the program director and investor were most concerned about.

Although this girl was young, she was quite smart.

"I understand." Mr. Li smiled and nodded at her. "In three days, we will announce the results on our official Weibo account."

"Ok. Director Wu, Mr. Li, I hope that theres a chance for us to meet in the future."


After Lin Wanwan left, Wu Mingtian tilted his head and saw that Mr. Li was still looking in the direction where Lin Wanwan had gone. He could not help but smile lightly. "It looks like theres already a result in Mr. Lis heart."

Mr. Li smiled and said, "Indeed."

Lin Wanwan left the TV station and got on Lu Zhanbeis car.

Lu Zhanbei, who was handling some office duties, closed his laptop. "Have you succeeded?"

"Make a guess."

"It was a success."

"Youre quite confident in me eh."

Lu Zhanbei shook his head calmly. "Not in you. Im confident in myself. The woman I like cant be so lousy that she cant even be on a variety show."

Lin Wanwan wanted to hit him. "Then Im afraid I have to disappoint you. The results are not out yet. If I fail, which would mean Im lousy, will you dump me then?"

Lu Zhanbei looked into her angry eyes. He suddenly smiled and looked really elegant and charming.

However, the next second, he said something that was completely the opposite of his image.

"Its alright to be lousier. As long as you can do it."

Can Do It

When Lin Wanwan understood these words, her face was flushed red.

Ah ah ah! This big dirty-minded fellow!

Lin Wanwan was not willing to admit defeat. "Regardless of how good I am at doing it, as long as I dont agree to it, you cant do anything!"

When these words were out, she could not wait to punch herself.

Oh my! What had she said!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her face, which was so red that it looked like it could bleed anytime. He gave a low laugh ambiguously. "You will agree to it sooner or later."

Lin Wanwan knew that she was definitely not his match in terms of shamelessness. She tolerated it and didnt refute.

After finishing her official business, Lin Wanwan didnt stay longer in Feng Capital. She hurried back home.

Upon reaching the condominium, she opened the door with the key. "Baoer, I Damn!"

What was this situation!