Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 436

Chapter 436 I Was Wrong

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The hand that Lin Wanwan used to retrieve her slippers froze in midair. That was because she saw a man wearing a casual suit sitting grandly on the sofa in the living room.

Ruan Baoer lay sprawled on his lap, tied up. A rag was stuffed in her mouth, and she was screaming pitifully.

The man lifted his face, which was such an exquisite one that it could be said to be enchanting. His laughter was filled with light teasing and evilness. "Youre back?"

Lin Wanwan swallowed her saliva and retreated silently.

"Lin Wanwan, dont blame me for not making this clear. The moment you exit this room will be the moment we end our relationship."

When she heard this, her knees went weak and she nearly knelt down. "Si Dada"

As Si Han held his chin lazily with one hand, his eyes were scarily cold. "In your eyes, who am I?"

One look at his expression and Lin Wanwan knew that he was really angry this time. " My agent."

"Looks like theres nothing wrong with your memory."

Si Han took out a Swiss army knife from somewhere and removed the scabbard. The sharp blade reflected his careless smile.

"Tell me. Where did you go just now?"

Lin Wanwan was guilty and she lowered her head without saying anything.

Si Han didnt confront her. He actually started using the army knife to trim his fingernails.

In the end, Lin Wanwan was the one who couldnt tolerate this repressive atmosphere. "I was wrong"

Si Han didnt look at her and continued trimming his nails. "Wrong? How are you wrong? You have so many ideas. You secretly met up with people from Feng Capital TV station and talked about cooperation opportunities privately. Are you only capable of that? Eh?"

Seeing that Si Han really knew about this matter, Lin Wanwan was both guilty and angry at the same time.

"Who told you that? Baoer?!"

Ruan Baoer, who had her mouth gagged, quickly made some sounds to deny this. "Sob, sob, sob! (Its not me!)"

The smile on Si Hans face suddenly disappeared. "You dont have to bother about how I found out. Since youre so full of ideas, my existence as an agent is no longer important. Do everything yourself in the future then. Im too lazy to serve you as well!"

"Si Dada, no!"

Lin Wanwan let out a heartbreaking moan. In a moment of desperation, she didnt care about her image and pounced to grab Si Hans thigh with a wronged look on her face.

"Listen to my thoughts first before flying into a rage. Ok?"

Si Han looked at her look of flattery and said expressionlessly, "Ill give you five minutes."

Lin Wanwan wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead and quickly shared her thoughts with him.

After listening to her, Si Hans eyes became deep.

Actually, he wasnt angry to the extent that he wanted to break off the collaborative relationship they shared. It was just that he had to give this little girl a lesson for making a unilateral decision.

Whatever ideas she had could be discussed. He wasnt an overbearing person.

Si Han then thought of how he had ordered Lin Wanwan in all kinds of ways before, and a hint of unnaturalness flashed past his face.

He had slightly more patience only when he was dealing with Lin Xiao.

Speaking of Lin Xiao, Lin Wanwan was just like her. They were not the obedient type. No matter how he made the decision, as long as they wanted to do it, they would definitely do it.

"Si Dada, why arent you saying anything? Are you still angry?"

Lin Wanwans voice pulled back Si Hans thoughts and he looked coldly at her.

"Since you have already done it, then my efforts to disapprove are in vain. Im telling you, if you cant successfully get the female emcee role for King of Limits, we are over!"

After saying this, he dumped Ruan Baoer, who was on his lap, away like he was dumping rubbish. He headed out in big strides.