Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 438

Chapter 438 As Long As You Want It I Will Get It For You

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There were two photos accompanying the post.

One was of the delicious food on the table. The other was a photo of the two huddled together. They looked exceptionally intimate.

Su Maner responded very quickly: "Xiangyu, dont spout nonsense. The results have not been made public yet."

It was as if the two of them were using Weibo to chat. Qin Xiangyu immediately replied: "Sister Maner, dont be humble. Since the director and the investor have already decided on you, announcing the results to the public is just a formality. Furthermore, a lot of signs of victory are already exposed."

Su Maner: "I really dont know what to do with you"

Su Maner no longer denied Qin Xiangyus words, as if silence meant consent.

The conversation between the two immediately attracted the attention of many media people.

In an instant, news about Su Maner getting the role of the female emcee for "King of Limits" was thriving. Su Maners fans proudly posted about such a huge platform.

"My female goddess is going to be participating in a variety show? How exciting! I can appreciate the beauty of my female goddess every Saturday in the future!"

"What is Meng Lu and Lin Wanwan? They will always be my Maners defeated opponents!"

"Exactly. As long as the program team isnt blind, they should know whom to select."

Meng Lu and Su Maner not being on good terms with each other and the red carpet battle between Lin Wanwan and Su Maner previously had long been printed in the hearts of Su Maners fans.

Now that Su Maner had suppressed the two of them at the same time, they naturally had a feeling of exaltation upon attaining fulfillment. As they celebrated, they also criticized them.

There were also some netizens and Su Maners anti-fans who said: "Since the program team has already decided on Su Maner internally, she shouldnt take the initiative and make this news public. That doesnt look good on her."

"Are Su Maner and Qin Xiangyu on the rhythm of becoming girlfriends soon? Previously, Xia Yili was given the cold shoulder while Han Zixi went into hiding. They were both Su Maners good girlfriends previously. When something happened to the two of them, it was as if Su Maner never knew them. Thats really disgusting!"

"#Fake girlfriends in the entertainment circle# Push me to the top!"

Lin Wanwan had a full view of the comments on the Internet.

She didnt know if Su Maner had been decided on internally. However, as long as the news was not made known to the public yet, there was still hope.

However, it was a pity not everyone thought the same way as her.

When Lin Wanwan went to school, she realized some schoolmates gave her looks of pity. Even half of her Weibo was filled with Balls fans words of comfort and encouragement, while the other half was filled with Su Maners fans words of ridicule.

Lin Wanwan maintained equanimity and spent the last moments of high school law-abidingly.

Three days passed by in a flash. It was as if someone behind the scenes was adding fuel to the flames and the media produced more news of Su Maner becoming the female emcee for the variety show.

As the popularity of Su Maner increased, the attention on the program "King of Limits" increased as well.

Lin Wanwan didnt deliberately pay attention to the official news released by "King of Limits."

Early in the morning, she was rushing to the classroom from the hostel. Suddenly, the mobile in her pocket rang.

Lin Wanwan took it out and realized Tang Chen had sent a short message.

Dear: "Are you nervous?"

Seeing this saved name, Lin Wanwan then realized she had forgotten to change it back.

"What are you referring to? My college entrance examinations?"

Tang Chen knew she was feigning ignorance and could not help but give a tsk from the other end of the screen.

God of plague Tang: "Youre still in time now."

Lin Wanwan: "What still in time?"

God of plague Tang: "As long as you tell me you want this emcee role, it will definitely be yours. As long as you want it, I will get it for you. How? Are you feeling so touched that you want to cry?"