Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 439

Chapter 439 A Big Reversal

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Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. She put her mobile back into her pocket and didnt reply.

If she didnt get something based on her own capabilities, she wouldnt want it no matter how much she liked it.

A few minutes later, another notification sounded.

Tang Chen had sent a website link over. Lin Wanwan clicked it open and the official webpage of "King of Limits" automatically appeared.

It clearly displayed that the first top-of-the-line Weibo was released a minute ago.

The official Weibo of "King of Limits": "After careful consideration by the program team, the only female emcee for this seasons King of Limits belongs to Lin Wanwan. Little Miss, lets cooperate happily together. I also hope that we would have opportunities to work together with the other three actresses in the future. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for paying attention to our program!"

It was as if a heavy bomb had landed and exploded on the entire Internet.

The emcee for "King of Limits" was not Su Maner but Lin Wanwan?

Not only were Su Maners fans shocked, but others were also confused.

Even if some people didnt like Su Maner, they didnt expect her to joke regarding this matter and tell the whole world about it in a grand manner.

Great. Now everyone thought that that was the truth and there was suddenly a 180-degree reversal.

The entire Internet seemed to have fallen into dead silence for one second. Then, all kinds of comments appeared.

"Hahaha, what a joke. Oh my, my stomachs hurting!"

"This is indeed the biggest joke this year. How did Su Maner become so thick-skinned? They had not decided on her internally yet but she had already announced to the whole world she was the winner. Now, have you tasted the consequences of boasting?"

"Famous actress Su, I want to ask you. Does your face hurt?"

"Its ok if she cant win against a junior like Lin Wanwan. I didnt expect that for her to get attention on Weibo, she dared to even say such a lie. Could it be that she was trying to put pressure on the program team? However, people dont care about this at all!"

"Slap, slap, slap. This sound of slapping is so crisp and wonderful."

Su Maners anti-fans started to comment fervently and went on taunting mode. Even some netizens could not help but criticize her.

Su Maners fans, who were quite arrogant the past few days, all pretended to be silent now. It was evident how they must be feeling.

All the major media outlets also sorted out the news and posted it onto various channels immediately. The news that congratulated Su Maner before were quietly deleted.

Su Maner was very glamorous before. Now, she was very desolate.

She had always paid attention to the official Weibo page for "King of Limits." Thus, when the news went out, she had seen it immediately.

It was as if she was struck by lightning instantly.

After that, the overwhelming criticism drowned her.

"This is impossible. The person who won is me. Why did it become Lin Wanwan?!"

Su Maner smashed her mobile into pieces, as if shed gone mad. She waved her arms and broke the vases on the coffee table.

The clean and tidy living room was now in a mess.


Crackling sounds could be heard from time to time. Su Maner could not calm down anymore.

When she thought of how everyone was mocking her one-sided thinking, she could not help but turn mad.

Only after shed smashed everything that could be smashed in the living room did she sit in the ruins with a dejected look. She found the phone card from the smashed mobile and inserted it into a new mobile. She dialed a number.

When the call got connected, she roared with a ferocious expression, "Wu Mingtian! The person you have selected is me. Why did you go back on your word? Were you playing me? Let me tell you, I, Su Maner, am not easily bullied. I will definitely not let this rest!"