Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 44

Chapter 44 It Must Not Have Been Her Who Asked For A Kiss

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“Is this all you’ve got?”

Lu Zhanbei’s thin lips curved into an elegant smile. With his head slightly tilted down, his handsome smile, which was slightly curved like an arc, was magnified.

Even though it was not a deliberate move of seduction, it was damn charming to Lin Wanwan!

There was a moment she felt bewildered, and she could not help but close her eyes.

However, the kiss she imagined did not arrive, and the man sneered.

“Get up and have breakfast.”


Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and saw the back of Lu Zhanbei as he left. She was flushed red she wanted to find a hole to drill in.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

She must have been possessed just now!

It must not have been her who asked for a kiss!

Lin Wanwan patted her face that was flushed red and entered the bathroom quickly. When she washed her face, she realized that there was a pinhole for transfusing liquids on the back of her hand.

As her rationale returned, the memories of last night also began to faintly come to mind.

Why was it that she felt nothing when she said those words in a delirious state of mind but was so embarrassed now that she was thinking straight?

She actually said she wanted to be Lu Zhanbei’s wife

Oh my!

After becoming Lin Wanwan, she was becoming more and more childish. Had she assimilated?

After stepping out of the bathroom, Lin Wanwan realized that the clothes she was wearing yesterday had disappeared.

A lilac purple box was on the ebony desk. She opened the box and pulled out a hand-embroidered lace dress. She shook it a few times, and the silver thread from the fabric glistened with a lustrous luster.

Was this designed by Cayla?

Cayla was one of the world’s leading international designers. There were not more than three pieces of each work, which took a year to design. This was not something that money could buy.

She did not expect that the dress Lu Zhanbei had casually prepared for her was of such high caliber.

What was his background?

Lin Wanwan happily put on the dress and checked how she looked in front of the mirror.

“So beautiful!”

She grinned narcissistically, dressed herself up, and opened the door.

The female servant who had been waiting outside the door respectfully said, “Ms. Lin, please follow me.”

Following behind the female servant, Lin Wanwan initially recognized where she was, but was later confused.

This place was as big as a palace and had a lot of bends. It took ten minutes to reach the stairway.

In the restaurant, Lu Zhanbei was already seated on the master seat and elegantly having his meal. He had an indifferent temperament, and there was a sense of coldness that seemed to forbid anyone from getting close to him.

He no longer carried the sense of warmth she felt yesterday. Neither did he have the meanness when he teased her this morning.

This man was too complicated, and she could never understand him.

Lin Wanwan pulled the chair and sat on it. She quietly enjoyed her scrumptious breakfast.

As she ate, Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei and asked wearily, “Can you lend me your mobile?”

“Is anything the matter?”

“I can’t be the second female lead anymore. I have to apologize to him.”

Also, where she would go next was also a big issue.

Lu Zhanbei did not say anything else. He took his mobile out and placed it in front of her.


Based on her gift of an extraordinarily retentive memory, Lin Wanwan accurately dialed An Qiao’s number.


Without waiting for her to finish her words, An Qiao cut her off, “Don’t you want to act in my movie anymore?”

“I do, but my father”

An Qiao laughed. “So you were worried about that? Don’t worry. I have already communicated with your father. He will not object again.”


Lin Qinghao was as stubborn as a stone. They could actually communicate well?

“Bring along the documents later to sign the contract.”

“Oh, ok”

Lin Wanwan continued to respond ignorantly. She was still thoroughly confused when the call ended.