Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Lin Wanwan Had A Weakness

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Wu Mingtian was someone who had seen strong wind and big waves. He would definitely not be threatened by her words.

"Ms. Su Maner, I still have a video of our conversation that day. Would you like me to show you so that youd know if we had made any promises to you back then?"

His words didnt soothe the anger in Su Maners heart.

"Mr. Li said back then that my words had moved him!

Wu Mingtian smiled coldly. "Does that mean its a promise? Pardon me for being blunt, but not only do you have one-sided thinking, but you are also so stupid that you cant understand language well."

Upon hearing this, Su Maner had a twisted expression on her face. "You"

"Im sorry. Im very busy. The conversation ends here."

Su Maner was so angry that she smashed the new mobile into pieces once again.

At this time, an expressionless man walked in and swept his eyes over the messy living room. He then looked towards Su Maner, who had a ferocious expression on her face. He could not help but frown in disdain and opened his mouth coldly.

"Ms. Su."

Su Maner was feeling infuriated and was about to curse and scold the idiot who dared to disturb her.

"You are Special Assistant Wen, the one who is by Godfathers side?"

The anger on her face immediately turned into joy. "Where is Godfather? I want to find him. Someone bullied me. He"

Special Assistant Wen interrupted in an annoyed tone, "Mr. Liang was the one who asked me to come over. He wanted me to tell you that if you continue to be so stupid, he doesnt mind kicking you out of the door. This is Mr. Liangs last warning, and this is the last chance hes giving you!"

When she heard this, the blood on Su Maners face faded like the waves. Her body softened and she fell onto the sofa.

The longer she stayed in the entertainment circle, the more aware she was of that one truth.

Regardless of how strong her capabilities were, they would never be as stable as having a big backer.

If Godfather was no longer willing to shelter her

Special Assistant Wen glanced at Su Maners ashen face and changed the topic. "Mr. Liang also said that you are, after all, his woman. If someone dared to bully you, its equivalent to slapping him. Thus, hes willing to help you this once."

Su Maners eyes shone. "How will he help?"

"Lin Wanwan has a weakness."

Special Assistant Wen didnt keep her guessing. He revealed what he had investigated to her and said, "As long as you do what Mr. Liang says, you can definitely relieve the anger in your heart."

"I understand!"

After hearing the entire plan, the anger in Su Maners heart dissipated by more than half. A smile crept up her face again and she said delicately, "Please help me to tell Godfather that as long as I destroy Lin Wanwan, I will stay by his side obediently in the future and never leave him."

Special Assistant Wen nodded expressionlessly. "Ill get going first then."

The moment he turned around, Special Assistant Wen smiled coldly without making any sound.

Even he could not fancy someone like Su Maner. It was estimated that Mr. Liang wouldnt tolerate her for much longer as well.

She was still the last virgin in the entertainment circle eh. That was because her die-hard fans didnt see her slutty look in front of Mr. Liang. She was no better than a dog.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan had received Wu Mingtians call not long after she saw the news on the official Weibo page of "King of Limits." He wanted her to free up some time and go to the TV station to sign the contract. The program would officially start recording this Sunday.

Lin Wanwan agreed at once. She ended the call and clicked open an unread short message from Tang Chen.

God of plague Tang: "In order to celebrate you turning your tides, Im planning to give you a surprise some time later. Please keep a look out for it."

Lin Wanwan had an ominous feeling in her heart. What was this man up to again