Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Our Relationship Is Not Pure

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On Friday, there was a mock exam. All the teachers gave out numerous papers beforehand for the students to prepare for it.

Although Lin Wanwan was good with her academics, she felt exhausted after the long week.

She decided to play her old tricks and made her way to Feng Capital by Lu Zhanbeis private plane.

On the way to the broadcast station, she dialed Si Hans number.

"Si Dada, I am about to sign the contract with King of Limits.’"


Lin Wanwan was used to his short replies. "Since I have taken on the project, you have to continue being my manager. Dont break your promise."

Si Han snorted. He didnt remember making such a promise.

"Lin Wanwan, do you really want me as your manager?"



After spending a few months with Lin Wanwan, Si Han realized that Lin Wanwan knew what she was doing. Her acting was skillful, and she well understood the hidden rules of the entertainment industry.

With Lu Zhanbei by her side, she would still become a top celebrity without Si Hans help.

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue.Why is he thinking so much?

"Loyalty. You are my first manager, which is why you will be my only, and last, manager."

Lu Zhanbei couldnt help but laugh.

He had never known that loyalty could be used like this.

Si Han laughed as well, but his grin faded in seconds. "Sadly, I am not that loyal of a person."

Lin Wanwan knew that he was thinking of Lin Xiao. "Si Dada. I have always thought that what I fear most is being forgotten. Later, I realized, its not being with the one I love most that I fear. Believe in my love for you, and dont ever leave me!"

A murderous aura silently spread over from her left shoulder. Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat.

Crap, someones jealousy is all over the place again.

"Im arriving soon. Bye!"


On the other end, Si Han was still holding his phone up, and his eyes seemed to have lost focus.

Lin Wanwans words and her tone was almost identical to that of Lin Xiao.

Was it just a coincidence? Was he overthinking?

Lin Wanwan had no idea about the confusion that she had put Si Han through.

She objected softly, "That wasnt a confession. My love for Si Han is just like my love for Baoer. Pure and innocent."

"Is that right?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "Why have you never confessed to me? Is it because your love for me is not pure and innocent at all?"

Lin Wanwan smirked, and she winked at the man. "Of course. I have been dreaming about sneaking under your bedsheets."

Lu Zhanbeis voice was suggestive. "What about now?"

"What do you think?" Lin Wanwan giggled.

Lu Zhanbei knew that he wouldnt get the answer that he desired, so he attacked instead. "I hope that you have given up on those dirty thoughts."

Lin Wanwan froze for a second. "Why?"

Lu Zhanbei beamed. "You are still too small, and it does not interest me that much. It will be uncomfortable for me if you force your actions upon my clean soul."