Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Little Princess

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The pay wasnt absurd, it was fitting for her current status.

It was also clearly stated in the contract that if she performed well on the show, they would give her more screen time to improve her popularity.

Lin Wanwan wasnt stupid enough to ask about their reason for the amount, so she signed it right away.

Mr. Li placed his hand out and grinned. "Ms. Lin, welcome to the team."

Lin Wanwan shook his hand firmly. "Happy to work with you."

After finishing things up, she cheerfully hopped onto Lu Zhanbeis car.

"Lets go! The first episode of King of Limits: Season 2 will be filmed in the Imperial Capital. I better sleep early and get some rest!"


Back at the Imperial Capital, it was late at night.

Lin Wanwan hadnt had dinner, so she dragged Lu Zhanbei to the Golden Sparrow to have a feast.

It was a peaceful night

The second morning, Lin Wanwan drove her car to the opening location.

It was a beautiful resort surrounded by greeneries. The production team had invested a lot to ensure the quality of the show.

Right by the swimming pool, Lin Wanwan met the four other hosts.

Shi Qian: Top-of-the-charts drama actor. A humble and popular gentleman.

Zuo Lingxuan: Leader of a popular idol group. Fair skin and a face that can make a woman jealous. His personality was slightly arrogant.

Cai Wenjia: A famous comedian, the oldest among the four. A humorous man with a comedic face. His jokes were often suggestive.

The last one was named Jian Yu. He was one who stepped into both the music and acting industries. His phoenix eyes were attractive, and he specialized in love songs.

When Lin Wanwan saw the crew, she quickly recalled their profiles from her memory.

"Our pretty girl is here!"

The moment Lin Wanwan appeared, Cai Wenjia had yelled with all his strength as he sprinted to her.

"I told the producers that if the female host is not Lin Wanwan, I would have lost 99 percent of my interest in joining this show."

Lin Wanwan laughed cooperatively. She felt that Cai Wenjia was just like how the media had described him. Funny and comfortable to be around.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Cai!"

"Hi! First time seeing you, how about we take a nap I meant, have a meal together?"

Lin Wanwan winked at him. "Im fine with having a meal. But other than that, I can consider it if your wife allows."

"Haiz. I cant get close to all these lovely girls thanks to the tigress at home. What a waste of my handsome face!"

Cai Wenjias expression drew laughter from the crowd.

The cameraman filmed the scene of their first meeting.

Wu Mingtian was satisfied with Lin Wanwans behavior. Not only was she open and responsive, but she was also able to come up with witty comments.

Lin Wanwan greeted the hosts one by one.

Shi Qian showed his warm welcome, and Zuo Lingxuan was polite despite his personality.

Jian Yu, on the other hand, was notably shy. His face blushed the moment he touched Lin Wanwans hand.

Based on the discussion with the producers, they each had a role to play on the show.

Shi Qian was the caring and considerate guy, and Cai Wenjia was the joker

For Lin Wanwan, the producers considered the fact that she was the only girl and gave her the character of a little princess.

During the shoot, the male hosts will be taking care of her, and she can show attitude once in a while, but she shouldnt overdo it.

Lin Wanwan was speechless after hearing her setup.