Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 444

Chapter 444 The Mighty Warrior

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Si Han had always described her as a violent thorn, but this time a little princess?

Although it might be comfortable having the princess character, it would be annoying to watch for the female viewers.

She was here to gain popularity, not to attract anti-fans.

Lin Wanwan was against the assignment of the producers. While she nodded in agreement to not leave a wrong impression, she had her plans.

The shoot officially began. The producers split the five of them into two groups and tasked them different missions.

During the grouping, Cai Wenjia wanted to be with Lin Wanwan no matter what it took. Because one was an older man and one was a girl, Jian Yu was added to the team to balance their strength.

Their mission was to use the materials found in the woods to create a delicious meal.

The trio immediately set out on their journey.

With Cai Wenjia around, the trip was rather entertaining.

Soon, the group faced their first obstacle, a deep and muddy canal.

Jian Yu had long legs, and he hopped over with ease. Recalling the instruction for him to take care of Lin Wanwan, he put a hand out towards her.

"Come on, Wanwan. Ill catch you."

Before Lin Wanwan could answer, Cai Wenjia mumbled at the volume that everyone could hear, "Im scared too. Why dont you catch me? What happened to bros over girls?"

Jian Yu smiled. His phoenix eyes looked exceptionally attractive under the faint sunlight.

"Wanwan is still young. She is our princess, isnt she?"

Lin Wanwan sighed deep inside.

She knew that she had to take action before having this character attached to her name.

Cai Wenjia agreed. "True that. Wanwan sure has the looks. If I were ten years younger, I would make her my date no matter what. Come here, girl. Let me Oh my god!"

Before Cai Wenjia could help her out, Lin Wanwan stepped forward. One hand around his shoulders, and another below his knees. She lifted him like he was the little princess.

Then, she took a huge step forward and leaped across the canal without breaking a sweat.


Cai Wenjia, who sounded all brave just seconds ago, was screaming like a little girl in Lin Wanwans arms.

Jian Yu was at a loss for words.

Lin Wanwan was slim and petite, but she could cross the canal carrying Cai Wenjia, who was over 65 kilograms, with ease. She even had the time to crack a joke. "Please stop screaming; someone might think that Im trying to molest you."

Cai Wenjia s soul had finally returned to his body. He looked at Wu Mingtian behind the cameras. "Producer! Are you sure we need to take care of this girl? Why do I feel like she is a fearless warrior who is paving the way for us princes?"

Lin Wanwans laughter echoed in the woods. "Jian Yu does look like a prince, but Mr. Cai I can help you find a good plastic surgeon."

Cai Wenjia looked upset. "This is blatant discrimination! Im sad, dont count on me to find the ingredients later!"

Lin Wanwan glanced at him. "Disdain" was written all over her face.


Everyone in the crew, including Wu Mingtian, broke into laughter.

Wu Mingtian felt like this strong and independent character suited her more than being a princess.Hope that she would carry on like this.

Lin Wanwans goal was achieved!