Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Maximum Survival Skills

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During the shoot, Cai Wenjia found a field with white mushrooms scattered around.

"Wanwan, get a bucket!"

Lin Wanwan walked over. Cai Wenjia was ready to put the handful of mushrooms into the bucket she just brought.

She raised her brows when she took a closer look. "Mr. Cai, this is known as the fools mushroom. Eating it would damage the functioning of the lungs and the liver. Over-consuming it can result in death."


Cai Wenjia was shocked to his core, and he quickly tossed the shrooms away. "I thought that only colorful mushrooms are poisonous!"

Lin Wanwan chuckled. "Dont judge a book by its cover. We always say that beauty is the root of troubles as if normal-looking ones are all innocent angels."

Cai Wenjia laughed. "First time hearing this kind of perspective, and it makes sense."

Jian Yu looked at Lin Wanwan and exclaimed, "Wanwan, your knowledge is so broad!"

There was no way that Lin Wanwan could have told him that she had mastered all these in her past life. She simply smiled with a hint of adorable pride.

"I have done my homework before joining the show. There is no way that the producers can trick me! Heh!"

The cameras turned to Wu Mingtian and the crew, who gave a "lets wait and see" smile cooperatively.

After harvesting a different type of mushroom, Lin Wanwan brought the two guys to the river to catch some fish.

Cai Wenjia and Jian Yu rolled up their pants and went in. After a long time, the dynamic duo achieve nothing but get themselves wet.

As they were about to give up, Lin Wanwan obtained a needle from a female producer. She bent it and tied it onto a thin string. Afterward, she dug up a few earthworms to be the bait.

Just minutes later, she fished a big carp.

Cai Wenjia walked over on his bare feet, looking like he had found himself a new idol. "Are you sure that you are a high school student and not a caveman who lived in the forest? How do you know everything?"

His words were half-exaggeration and half-honesty.

When he heard that Lin Wanwan was the female host, he had a second of disappointment.

Lin Wanwan was young, so he thought that she would be a spoiled child dragging them back.

However, after he spent some time with her, the little girl that he once thought lowly of had brought him many pleasant surprises.

Lin Wanwan looked at him with "complacency" as she put away her fishing tools.

"Lets go, Jian Yu. Ill treat you to my delicious mushroom carp soup!"

Jian Yu followed after her like a little brother, leaving Cai Wenjia behind.

After preparing the ingredients, Lin Wanwan started making the fish stew.

The fresh aroma drew the attention of Shi Qian and Zuo Lingxuan, who came to steal food from the trio.

Cai Wenjia drank a big bowl of soup and rubbed his belly in satisfaction. Looking at the production crew, he laughed out loud. "Its all thanks to Wanwan today. Otherwise, we would have been munching on biscuits like the producers. How pathetic, hahaha!"

The producers were speechless.

They thought that the five of them would come back empty-handed and, on empty stomachs, watch the producers enjoy biscuits.

However, the survival skills of Lin Wanwan was the game changer.

The night finally came, and everyone was ready to sleep. Suddenly, Lin Wanwan heard a hysterical scream from the room next door.

"AH!!! Cockroach! Sh*t, its so big! Its flying!"