Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 446

Chapter 446 A Casual Date

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Lin Wanwan pushed the door open and witnessed Zuo Lingxuan, who had always been composed, being chased around by a cockroach.

Her lips twitched; this sure was quite a sight. She picked up the slipper at the corner of the room and threw it at the cockroach.


Dusting her hands, she comforted the boy who was still in shock. "Relax, its already dead."

Zuo Lingxuan breathed heavily. "Thank you."

Lin Wanwan yawned. "By the way, if there is one cockroach in the room, there must be thousands of them hidden around."

Zuo Lingxuan froze for a while before he squeezed his words out, "I am not sleeping tonight!"

Stopping him from rushing out of the room, Lin Wanwan said while holding back her laughter, "You can have my mosquito net."

"What about you?"

"Mr. Cai said that Im a mighty warrior, how can I be fearful of a mere cockroach?"

Zuo Lingxuans face blushed from embarrassment. He was different from the "arrogant" image perceived by the media, and the contrast was rather cute.

"Its its fine. Im not scared of cockroaches!"

He quickly changed the topic as he felt Lin Wanwans mocking gaze.

"Where did you get the mosquito net?"

"One of the waitresses here is my fan, so she lent it to me."

"Does the producer know?"

"He does."

"Did he allow it?"

Lin Wanwan showed a smile of victory. "He didnt at first, but he lost to me in arm wrestling, so he had to give in."


The producer was crying in the washroom at the moment.

It was a quiet night. The second morning, Lin Wanwan saw the deep eyebags on Zuo Lingxuans face and smirked at him. Zuo Lingxuan looked away awkwardly.

The entire shoot was filled with fun and laughter today.

There was a treasure hunt that tested the players luck and intelligence. Lin Wanwan won the final prize thanks to her activeness and observance.

At dusk, the first episode of "King of Limits" had officially concluded.

Lin Wanwan waved everyone goodbye and drove away.

When she reached her apartment, she received a call from Lu Zhanbei.

"Is the shoot over?"

"Lu Zhanbei, did you install a spy camera on me? How do you know my every move?"

"Since you do not wish to accept the fact that our hearts are bonded to each other, just take it whichever way you like."

Lin Wanwan continued, "Go ahead and act like you didnt. However, dont spy on me showering, Im afraid of you"

"Getting an eyesore?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lin Wanwan didnt want to start a "war" with him. "Why did you call me? Hitting me up?"

"Desserts to compliment you for your two days of hard work, how about that?"

"On!" Lin Wanwan accepted the offer without any hesitation. "Fetch me from my apartment. Ill get changed."


When Lin Wanwan got down, Lu Zhanbei car had just arrived. The pair went straight to Golden Sparrow.

After two days of rough meals, she was craving for something delicious. The flavorful meal at Golden Sparrow finally satisfied her needs.

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his hand against her head and said after examining her, "You look exhausted. Rest early. You still have lessons tomorrow."