Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Two Timer

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After leaving the room, Lin Wanwan wrapped her arm around Lu Zhanbeis. "Lu Zhanbei, you are so nice to me."

He was close to being the perfect boyfriend.

Lu Zhanbeis lips curved. From the corner of his eye, he saw a man and a woman walking from the other end of the corridor.

Lin Wanwan noticed them as well. When she recognized the mans face, she was somewhat surprised.

"Fu Zhinian?"

The youngster was in an all-black outfit. There was a small diamond earring on his left earlobe.

His handsome face was complemented with his usual boldness. There was a long-haired and good-looking girl beside him.

If shes not wrong, the girl was the best-looking girl in the Imperial Capital High School, Qiao Yuan.

Hearing his name, Fu Zhinian looked over.

When he saw Lu Zhanbei, the boy who never showed many emotions folded his brows.

"Fu Zhinian, I didnt know that you like Golden Sparrow as well!"

Lin Wanwan was all smiles as she greeted her past table buddy, who was holding a bag of desserts.

She turned to the girl beside him and cracked a joke, "You guys cant be dating, can you? Its against the school rules."

While Qiao Yuan blushed, Fu Zhinian wasnt affected by her words. He glanced at Lu Zhanbei again before quickly looking away, seeming a little colder than before.

"Arent you on a date too? Sadly, your date is a damn two-timing bastard."

Before Lin Wanwan could ask any questions, Fu Zhinian had grabbed Qiao Yuans hand.

"Busy, got to go."

Lin Wanwan stared blankly at the pair making their way out. Afterward, she turned to Lu Zhanbei, who was silent all this while.

"Do you guys know each other?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled on the surface. "Not only do I know him, but we are also pretty close."

Lin Wanwan nodded.

It seemed like their relationship was something special, or Lu Zhanbei wouldnt have let Fu Zhinians insults go.

"Lin Wanwan, about what he said"


Lin Wanwan knew what Lu Zhanbei wanted to clarify. "I know who you are, and I trust you."

Since Fu Zhinian and Lu Zhanbei were close, Fu Zhinian might very well know about Lin Xiao.

That would explain his title of a two-timer.

Lu Zhanbei could feel her complete trust and couldnt help but give her a long kiss on her forehead.

Lin Wanwan grabbed his hands. "Lets leave too."

On the way, Lin Wanwan could feel that the man beside her was in distress.

She gave it some thought and suddenly voiced jokingly, "The guys I work with now are all so handsome. I even have activities to be in close interactions with them. Are you jealous yet?"

"I am."

Lin Wanwan froze. Based on his usual behavior, shouldnt he find ways to insult her?

Why was he acting like this? Lin Wanwan had no idea how to continue the conversation.

Her defeated expression was like the best medicine for Lu Zhanbei.

"However, are you sure that they look better than me?"

Lin Wanwan finally burst out laughing. "Im not sure about the looks, but you sure are more of a narcissist than they are!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed as well.

Things like comforting leave it to the man.