Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Gave Him A Kiss

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Lu Zhanbei sent her to her apartment. Before she got off, Lin Wanwan kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Here is your reward. Don’t be so moody!”

She waved at him and jogged into the apartment building.

As he watched her figure disappear in the dark, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes were overflowing with love.

He had to say that this way of rewarding him was the best.

When he recalled Fu Zhinian’s words, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes flashed with coldness.

He had confirmed that Lin Wanwan was the one whom he wanted to spend his life with, and he didn’t want to lie about it.

But the complication within the Lu family made him fold his brows.

He wished that all he brought Lin Wanwan was happiness and none of trouble.

The next Friday, Lin Wanwan arrived at the second stop for the shoot.

The second episode was still filled with fun and laughter. To improve the rating, the production crew invited three trending female celebrities to form teams of couples.

Halfway through the shoot, Zuo Lingxuan had a little problem with his partner.

Lin Wanwan had no choice but to offer her help and be the girl’s partner instead. Cai Wenjia, who was initially her partner, went over to Zuo Lingxuan.

The guest had a little attitude. When they were hiking, she complained so much that Lin Wanwan had to piggyback her.

When she was hungry, Lin Wanwan caught a fish and cooked it for her.

No matter what happened, Lin Wanwan had no complaints.

In the end, Xia Muxue, the female guest, felt embarrassed and started helping Lin Wanwan out.

In the final game, the pair won the grand prize miraculously.

Lin Wanwan wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Muxue, you did well. We won thanks to you.”

Although Xia Muxue was a little spoiled, she was a nice girl. “I’m sorry about the troubles that I’ve caused in the past two days.”

Lin Wanwan shook her head and grinned. From the corner of her eye, she saw Wu Mingtian giving her a thumb’s up as if he was complimenting her for overcoming such difficulties.

The second episode ended nicely.

Before Lin Wanwan left, Wu Mingtian informed the hosts that the show would air at eight o’clock next Saturday.

This week was the time that “King of Limits” would enter its publicity phase. The hosts did their part in advertising the show on their social media.

When Lin Wanwan logged in to her Weibo, she got a notification.

Cai Wenjia: “Saturday at eight o’clock, we will meet you then. Please look forward to our performance. Especially @Lin Wanwan, I have to say that she was a shocker! Definitely a fighter, an amazing actress with a twist!”

The other three hosts had posted things that were all similar.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

Aren’t they exaggerating it?

The posts got the netizens’ interest rising.

Although there were anti-fans who claimed that Lin Wanwan must have been the one pulling them back, most indicated a certain level of interest in the show.

Time flew past.

On Saturday, Lin Wanwan went to the Yun Mansion. After having a meal with Lu Zhanbei, she made herself comfortable on the sofa and turned on the TV.

Tian Ba lay close to her and closed its eyes. Hearing, Lu Zhanbei’s footsteps, it glanced at him before going back to its nap time.

“Here it goes!” Lin Wanwan straightened her body in anticipation.

It was her first variety show, and she was praying for an excellent response.

The show started with Lin Wanwan greeting the four male hosts and proceeded to the part where they sought for ingredients.

When it came to the part where she carried Cai Wenjia over the canal, the girl who was all focused on the TV screen felt a shiver down her spine