Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Tomorrow Will Be Your Death Day

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She stayed cool and giggled. "Dont be jealous! Ill give you a hug too. No! Ten hugs!"

Lu Zhanbeis jealousy dissipated into thin air immediately.

After watching the full episode, Lin Wanwan was satisfied with the editing. The preview of the next episode was nicely done, and the background music was chosen perfectly throughout the show.

At the scene where she carried Cai Wenjia, the background music was heroic!

Lin Wanwan logged in to Weibo to check out the audiences reaction.

"Came here for the boys but was attracted by Lin Wanwans charms. The scene where she carried Cai Wenjia made me her new fan!"

"Our Ball knows everything! She would make a good boyfriend!"

"I was so impressed when Wanwan helped Zuo Lingxuan kill the cockroach. The tall guy looked like a little girl. Cute!"

"I have to say that I thought she would be acting childishly like the previous female host. However, she definitely changed my mind. The second season is so much better!"

Lin Wanwan let out a sigh of relief as she saw her followers rise by fifty thousand in a short time.

The second day, Lin Wanwan was the top searched word on the internet.

"King of Limits" destroyed all other shows with its incredibly high ratings.

Lin Wanwans performance was the talk of the town as many viewers said that they got to know a brand new side of her.

When Lin Wanwan would walk around the streets, people would recognize her despite her disguise.

After the second episode was aired, her unconditional care for Xia Muxue won the hearts of many girls.

The next few days, Lin Wanwan traveled around two cities and finished filming the third and fourth episodes.

After alighting from the plane, she called Lu Zhanbei to pick her up as she wanted to visit Tian Ba.

In the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan was gobbling down the delicacies before her when Lu Zhanbei asked, "Do you know what day tomorrow is?"

Lin Wanwan pondered but could not come up with an answer.

"Your birthday?"


The smile on Lu Zhanbeis face widened as he left Lin Wanwan hanging.

Under her persistent questioning, he said, "Tomorrow is your death day."

Lin Wanwan exploded. "What do you mean! Im not dead! Wait!"

She finally understood.

"Its the anniversary of Lin Xiaos death."


Lin Wanwan fidgeted on her seat. It was a complicated feeling.

Its been three years, who would still remember her?

The sorrow in her eyes betrayed her smiley face. Lu Zhanbei quickly grabbed her by the waist. "Do you want to visit your gravestone tomorrow?"

Lin Wanwan snorted. "You are so weird."

"Thanks for the compliment." Lu Zhanbei laughed.

Not just weird, but shameless as well.

The next day, after the first lesson, Liu Zilin walked up to the teacher all of a sudden.

"Teacher, I want to take leave for today."

A few students followed and requested the same thing.

Ms. Yu frowned. "Did something happen?"

Liu Zilin bit her lip but said firmly, "Its the anniversary of my idols death. I want to visit her."

"Lin Xiao passed away three years ago. I want to tell her that I have not forgotten about her!"

"Same here!"