Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 450

Chapter 450 United As One

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Looking at the young faces with tears in their eyes, Lin Wanwan felt bitter.

She didnt think that she would still hold such a position in her fans hearts.


Ms. Yu was one of Lin Xiaos oldest fans, and she knew what day it was. She even saw events posted online about commemorating Lin Xiao.

Millions had responded.

The media had put up articles about Lin Xiao early in the morning. It was so huge that no one even cared about the news of a famous actresss love story.

"Alright, but you have to be back in the afternoon."

"Thank you!"

A gloomy figure came across Lin Wanwans mind as she watched the students leave the classroom.

She didnt know if every fan of hers would remember about her death day.

But she knew that there was one person that will never forget it.

Si Han.

Lin Wanwan got out of class as well and rushed to the manor, only to find the gate locked.

She called Si Han a few times, but he didnt answer the phone.

"Am I stupid?!" Lin Wanwan was mad at herself.

It was Lin Xiaos death day. Of course, Si Han would be in the cemetery.

She quickly made her way to Changfeng Cemetery to the east of the Imperial Capital.

From far, she could see dozens of cars parked outside and countless people making their way in an orderly manner under the instructions of the organizers.

Isnt this a little too grand?

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue, but her fans genuinely touched her.

She got off the car and followed the crowd stealthily, using the rows of trees as cover.

There were a few TV vans parked at the entrance. Reporters from various broadcast stations were doing on-site reports.

"It is the third anniversary of Lin Xiaos death. Apart from being the youngest Best Actress in our country, she was also the only one whod obtained full awards in the industry. Unfortunately, at such a young age, she passed away in a car accident to save an innocent life. Today, fans from all over the world have gathered here"

Lin Wanwan sneaked in when everyones attention was on the reporter.

The inside wasnt half as crowded. A group of fans would pay their respect and leave before the organizers let the next batch in.

Lin Wanwan hid behind a huge tree. Thanks to her having the high ground, she could examine the entire cemetery.

Although she was far away, she could hear the fans sobbing under their breaths.

Whatever age or gender, everyone seemed to have united as one.

The atmosphere was dark and dreary.

Lin Wanwans eyes scanned through the crowd. She saw Luo Han, An Qiao, Tan Zhiyue

And many people that she knew in her previous life.

Finally, she saw Si Han.

He stood before the gravestone, his back facing her. Although she couldnt see his face, she could see his shaking fist.

At that moment, drops of tears glided down her cheeks. The girl who had always seen crying as a cowardly act couldnt hold back her emotions any longer.

She wanted to shout to the crowd

That they can stop crying that shes not dead

However, things that went against the natural order of things couldnt be made known to the world.

Lin Wanwan wanted to wipe her tears, but a hand with slender fingers did it before she could.

"Dont cry."

"Lu Zhanbei"

Lin Wanwan looked up and met his warm and concerned eyes.

She hid her face in his chests and bawled her heart out. "Im sorry, just once let me cry for a while"