Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Im Not Dead Im Still Alive 1

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Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything. He just held the person in his arms tighter.

Both of them quietly embraced each other like that. Not knowing how much time had passed, Lin Wanwan finally let him go.

At this point in time, she no longer had tears in her eyes. Both her eyes were red, and she looked down.

Lu Zhanbei took two steps back and quietly stood behind her. He observed her every move.

She just stood rooted to the ground and watched as people came and left one after another.

When the sun sank, Luo Han and An Qiao left as well.

The entrance of the cemetery, which was originally full of people, gradually recovered its desolate state. In the end, there was only one person left in the big cemetery.

Si Han was like a statue. He stood upright in front of Lin Xiaos monument.

That hardened back view made Lin Wanwan feel a sense of silent depression.

She slowly bit her lips. A trace of rare helplessness was revealed on her face.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the pained look in her eyes. He took a deep breath and patted her shoulder in encouragement.


Lin Wanwan nodded and sprinted ahead.

A few minutes later, she stood behind Si Han, panting. She walked toward him step by step.

Through the dim light in the cemetery, Lin Wanwan saw Si Hans profile.

It was just that one moment, and she was stunned.

Si Han, who was wearing a black suit, was staring fixedly at Lin Xiaos photo on the monument. The usual liveliness on his handsome face was long gone.

Thin stubble grew on his smooth chin. His beautiful eyes were bloodshot.

His thin lips formed a straight line, and it was so pale that there wasnt any color in them.

He looked like he lost his soul, and he stood there with an empty shell.

Lin Wanwan felt a sharp pain in her heart. Once again, she became a good-for-nothing as her eyes became red.

"Si Dada"

It was as if Si Han didnt hear her voice as he didnt move at all.

"Its late. Why are you not going back yet?"

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. She squeezed out a smile that was even uglier than her crying.

However, the hand she stretched out had not yet touched Si Hans sleeve when he opened his mouth indifferently.

"Dont touch me. Leave me alone."

"But" How could she not worry and just leave him here alone like that?

"Leave quickly!" Si Han was practically roaring out these words.

Feeling his rejection, Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips lightly. She knew that he didnt want to be disturbed by anyone right now.

"Ok. Then Ill"

Lin Wanwan hesitated to turn around. Before she took another step, she could not help but turn her head back. She saw Si Hans body sway, as if he could not hold on any longer. He then knelt down on one knee.

He held the monument with one hand. Fresh blood seeped out from his mouth, and a few drops landed on Lin Xiaos photograph.

He didnt bother to wipe himself. Instead, he wiped off the blood stains on the photo the first instant.

Looking at the photo, which gradually turned clean now, his eyes were scarlet red but a smile curved up slightly from the corner of his lips.

"Sorry Sorry for dirtying your photo. Sorry for not protecting you well. Sorry for not accompanying you until the end."

As he whispered to himself, the curvature of his smile became deeper. However, his eyes were full of disgust and hatred for himself.

"Xiaoxiao, Im really sorry"

He was clearly smiling, but the fragile helplessness that was revealed from his heart made Lin Wanwans heart ache.

As her body trembled and her pupils shrank, she could no longer suppress the pain in her heart. She rushed toward Si Han and hugged his waist from behind. The tears that she had tolerated for a long time burst out.

"Si Han, I have something to tell you!"

What hesitation? What misgivings? She threw them all to the back of her mind.

She didnt want to see her best friend in pain, didnt want him to take her death to heart.

"Im not dead! Im still alive!"