Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Im Not Dead Im Still Alive 2

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Lin Wanwan shouted herself hoarse. The sound was so loud that it resounded throughout the cemetery.

Si Han finally turned his head and looked at her. His gray pupils moved a little, but his look was still cold and indifferent, as if he didnt understand what she was talking about.

Seeing his indifferent gaze, Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and said word by word, "Si Han, Im Lin Xiao. Im back!"

Si Hans face changed immediately. For a moment, a strong wave of fanaticism flashed past his eyes.

However, the next second, his eyes became cold again and even carried with it a trace of anger.

"Lin Wanwan, I warn you. Dont speak of Lin Xiaos matters to me carelessly. If not, dont blame me for not being polite to you!"

Facing his angry questioning, Lin Wanwan looked down. When she looked up again, her eyes were smiling.

"Do you remember the first time we met? It was at the audition for the TV drama The Good Old Times.

"You were like me, just entering the entertainment circle.

"I accidentally bumped into you. Then, I told you that I was lacking a manager and that I wasnt sure if you were willing to fight together with me.

"You told me you were preparing to sign the contract with the starlet, Luo Nanxi."

Si Hans body shivered and he stared blankly at her.

"I said it was alright. I can give Luo Nanxi a sum of money as compensation to her for you going back on your word.

"You found Luo Nanxi and told her you were going to be my manager instead. She was so angry and demanded five million yuan as compensation for her loss.

"I didnt have so much money. In the end, you took out that five million yuan yourself. Because of this, Luo Nanxi hated us.

"Since then, every time someone asked us how we knew each other, you would snap and say that Lin Xiao cheated her way through."

"" Si Han looked at Lin Wanwan with amazement, and he looked absent-minded.

Only he and Xiaoxiao knew about this matter that she just talked about.

As Lin Wanwan continued to speak, her eyes became covered by a thin layer of mist. Her voice became a whimper as well.

"Also, that year when you were twenty-three, your parents, who had migrated to country Y, arranged a blind date for you. I dressed up as a man and told that rich and young European screw that you were gay. After your parents learned about it"

Si Han suddenly interrupted her and subconsciously said, "Shes called Luo Site."

"Oh yes!"

Lin Wanwan smiled in embarrassment. "When your parents returned to the country and realized I wasnt a man, they even tried to pair us up. You told them that Lin Xiao was a man-eating night blooming cereus and that whoever married her would be beaten to his death within three days. Youre not someone who likes to be abused"

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything further. Instead, she revealed her iconic smile that carried with it contempt.

"You shouldnt forget about these matters, right? If you really dare to forget them, dont blame me for beating you up until you cant take care of your sex life"

She choked and sensed that tears were about to fall out. She was about to reach out and wipe them away.

At this moment, Si Han, who had been staring at her fixedly, stretched out his long arm and held her in his embrace.

"Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao!"

He was like a traveler who had traversed long distances in the desert and finally found his way home. His voice was trembling and it had a very strong nasal sound.

"You you really came back"

"Yes!" Lin Wanwan cried and laughed at the same time. "Im back, and Ive always been by your side!"

Si Han opened his mouth. There were too much he wanted to say. However, he didnt know where he should start.

After a long while, he asked while stroking her long hair. "Have you led a good life for the past three years?"

Lin Wanwans nose twitched and she tried her best to smile.

"Havent you always known if I led a good life or not?"