Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Lu Zhanbeis Really Useless

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Before filming officially started, Wu Mingtian said with a mysterious look, "There will be a heavyweight guest who will be in the show today. Wanwan, hes here for you. If not, even if we had more money, we could never have invited a man of his caliber over."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. A trace of suspicion flashed past her mind.

Someone she knew could it be Luo Han?

"Let us welcome the guest for this episode. The President of Sheng Rui Corporation, Mr. Tang Chen!"

"" Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was in a complete state of disorder.

Why was this god of plague here? Could it be that this was the surprise he mentioned the other time?

This was obviously a scare, alright!

Compared to Lin Wanwans speechlessness, everyone else was shocked.

Under everyones watchful gaze, Tang Chen leisurely appeared.

He wore very casual clothes today but didnt change his usual lazy and evilly charming style. His peach-shaped eyes looked at Lin Wanwan the first instant. After that, he walked up to her and, not caring if they were in public, stretched out his arm to grab her waist.

"Dear, as a reward for my surprise, shouldnt you give me a passionate kiss?"

Lin Wanwan avoided his hand with agile movements and smiled in embarrassment. "I didnt expect young Tang to be interested in variety shows too."

"Wrong. Im only interested in you."

What the hell! She couldnt chat with him further.

Todays filming venue was at a commercial building. The guests were split into three teams, and they had to find a golden key inside the building.

Whoever found the key could activate the next game segment and win the priority to select props.

Suppressed by overwhelming power, Lin Wanwan was grouped in the same team as Tang Chen

Following Wu Mingtians command, Cai Wenjia and the rest immediately rushed into the building.

Lin Wanwan wanted to rush in too, but Tang Chen grabbed her wrist tightly.

"Its already afternoon and you havent eaten yet. Lets go and grab something to eat."

Lin Wanwan resisted the urge to hit him. "Now is my working time. Can you not have the order reversed? If I lose, will you be responsible?"

"Ill be responsible."

Tang Chen dragged her into the lift.

"Theres a Sichuan restaurant thats not bad downstairs. Lets go and try it."

Lin Wanwan struggled endlessly, feeling depressed. However, her thin arms were no match to Tang Chens thick thigh, and she was eventually dragged into the restaurant.

As soon as they appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of other customers.

"This is Lin Wanwan? And Tang Chen? Could it be that they are already together?!"

In an instant, everyones eyes were drawn to them.

After seeing that there were cameramen and other crew behind the two, they immediately understood that they were recording a program.

Hearing these discussions, Lin Wanwan was nearly angered to death.

Tang Chen didnt change his face and pulled her to a booth seat. After sitting down, he asked, "Look at the menu and see what you want to eat, ok?"

Lin Wanwan wanted to scold him. However, considering that they were still filming, she could only swallow it down.

Not too long later, the dishes Tang Chen ordered had all arrived.

He didnt have time to ask Lin Wanwan to start eating when he saw her picking up her chopsticks and getting a slice of pickled fish.

"I thought you wouldnt have the appetite."

Lin Wanwan smiled coldly. "Its a small matter to be angered to death. However, its a huge matter if I starve to death."

Since things had reached this stage and there was no way to resist it, she could only accept it.

Tang Chen had an appreciative look on his face. "Thats right. With me around, the person who wins in the end will definitely be you. Do you want to get a drink?"

Lin Wanwan lifted her eyelids. "I cant drink alcohol. Dont pretend you dont know anything!"

Tang Chen said with disdain, "Lu Zhanbeis really useless."

He had already sent over the formula such a long time ago. However, he actually hadnt figured out the antidote.

Lin Wanwan was initially troubled that he was scolding Lu Zhanbei. However, upon realizing that he was like a little wife who was despising her husband for not doing anything right, she found it funny.