Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Surprise In The Female Toilet

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Just then, the surrounding onlookers suddenly burst into whispers.

"Lu? When Lin Wanwan did a live broadcast previously, there was a Lu XX and Tang Chen who unfolded a PK (showdown). They sent over a lot of gifts. It couldnt be him, right?!"

"Lu XX seems to be pursuing Lin Wanwan too?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was secretly happy in her heart.

She didnt expect rumors about Lu Zhanbei to be flying around when he was already keeping such a low profile.

It was already one and a half hours after the meal was finished.

At this moment, the buildings broadcast suddenly rang.

"The yellow team has already found the golden key to activate the next game segment. Theres still fifteen minutes before the game ends. The other two teams, please try to snatch it from them as soon as possible!"

Lin Wanwans heart was burning with anxiety. "Theres Shi Qian and Cai Wenjia in the yellow team. Lets go quickly. If not, we wont be in time!"

Tang Chen took his time to wipe his lips with a napkin. "We are on time."

Lin Wanwan was about to be angered to death by this man who was holding her back!

Tang Chen leaned his good-looking face over and smiled charmingly. "If you kiss me, I guarantee to put in my all."

"As if I would kiss you!"

Out of exasperation, Lin Wanwan casually hit him on the head.

After hitting him, the onlookers were shocked. Lin Wanwan was somewhat scared too.

She actually hit the god of plague Tang would she be abused?!

Just when Lin Wanwan was hesitating if she should apologize, Tang Chen, who was slightly stunned, actually looked at her aggrieved.

"You hit me?"

He didnt seem to be angry. Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered about him either. She pulled his hand and ran out.

As she passed by the front desk, she didnt forget to leave behind a few hundred dollar bills.

The onlookers, who wanted to see the excitement, looked at one another, then followed out as well.

They returned to the location where the mission was released. From afar, Lin Wanwan saw Jian Yu and Zuo Lingxuan attacking Shi Qian.

Lin Wanwan said, "The golden key might be with Shi Qian. Lets try to snatch it too!"

It was as if Tang Chen didnt see her eager expression as he said casually, "I would like to go to the toilet. You accompany me."

"" At this point in time, Lin Wanwan really was in the mood to kill him.

"Why are you so troublesome? Cant you just tolerate it!"

"Will you try tolerating it for me?"

Tang Chen didnt care if she was happy or not. He grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the direction of the toilet.

Lin Wanwan was so anxious that she shouted, "If you want to go, go alone. I cant enter the male toilet so I cant accompany you!"

"Lin Wanwan, if you resist again, I dont mind carrying you over."

Lin Wanwan immediately stopped saying anything. She became dejected and followed behind him.

She was done for. It was estimated that the popularity she had accumulated for the past few episodes were going down the drain in an instant because of Tang Chen pulling her down.

This damned god of plague!

Following Tang Chen to the female toilet, Lin Wanwan expressed her shock.

"Young Tang is not a male but a female?"

The cameramen and crew who followed them over were shocked too.

Could it be that young Tang wanted to solve his physiological problems in the female toilet?

One couldnt tell that he had this type of strange hobby.

With everyone looking strangely at him, Tang Chen threw Lin Wanwan a look, as if nothing was wrong. "You go in. I prepared a surprise for you inside. I guarantee you will like it."

A surprise again?

Coming from Tang Chen, such expectant words only created an ominous feeling in Lin Wanwans heart.

The onlookers looked at one another and were speechless.

They didnt expect young Tang to actually prepare a surprise for a girl in the female toilet. That was pretty creative.