Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 458

Chapter 458 There Was An Inside Story

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"Attention, please. Theres still one minute before the game ends. The golden key is with the yellow team."

Hearing the prompt, Lin Wanwan knew that she was definitely going to lose this time around. She decided to give up the struggle.

"Ok, Ill enter." She walked into the female toilet.

Tang Chen leaned against the wall, as if spineless. He listened to the countdown timer from the broadcast.

Everyone was thinking that the yellow team was bound to win this time around.

As this thought surfaced, the broadcast rang again.

"Congratulations to Lin Wanwan from the red team who had successfully snatched the golden key at the last minute, becoming the winner of the first segment!"

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked and puzzled.

Lin Wanwan didnt participate in snatching the key at all. How did she suddenly win?

Amidst the voices of shock and puzzlement, the onlookers kicked up a fuss and shouted, "Theres an inside story!"

At this moment, Lin Wanwan walked out from the female toilet. There was a key made from gold in her hands.

Behind her was Cai Wenjia, who looked reluctant.

Everyone was shocked

It turned out that Cai Wenjia was the one holding the golden key. He hid in the female toilet and got caught by Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan now understood what surprise Tang Chen was referring to. "Hey, how did you know Teacher Cai was in the female toilet?"

Tang Chen gave a lazy yawn.

"Shi Qian was walking around so blatantly, so he must be a bait. Cai Wenjia couldnt be found, so he must have hidden somewhere safe to wait for the game to end. This building is mine and Im familiar with the structure. This spot is the most secluded. I was purely trying my luck."

Cai Wenjia thumped the wall with hatred and sadness. "I saw that no one was using this female toilet. The only female emcee went to have a meal and Jian Yu and Zuo Lingxuan loved their face so they would definitely be embarrassed to come and find me here, thus I chose this location. I didnt expect to be found in the end!"

His look was so full of resentment that everyone started laughing. They didnt forget to throw Tang Chen looks of admiration.

"No wonder he could be the CEO of Sheng Rui Corporation at such a young age. Im over thirty-years-old, yet Im still just a small employee. This is the difference in intelligence!"

"Hes so formidable"

Tang Chen happily raised an eyebrow at Lin Wanwan. "Ive said before. With me around, its difficult for you to lose."

Lin Wanwan had to admit that although he was a little despicable, he was still quite smart.

"Youre formidable eh!"

Tang Chen smiled and wanted to grab her hand. "Lets go."

Lin Wanwan slapped away his claws and rolled her eyes. "Fine, lets go. Dont use your hands and legs on me."

As both of them won the first segment, they had first priority to select props in the second segment.

However, looking at the watermelon, long wooden stick, and a little fairy stick on the table, Lin Wanwan felt perplexed.

After all, it was not disclosed how the second segment would be played. A wrong choice could create the opposite effect.

"Pick this." Tang Chen stuffed the long wooden stick into her hands.

Lin Wanwan nodded. Her attitude of not hesitating received Tang Chens ambiguous light smile in exchange.

"Youre trusting me so much now?"

"I believe in your luck. Does that count?"

"It does!"

Hearing the conversation between the two, Wu Mingtian signaled to the cameramen to film more scenes of them.

The three teams selected their props and the program team disclosed the rules of the game.

In a pool full of small balls, one person had to carry another and use the prop in their hands to poke at the balloons hanging above their heads.

Every broken balloon would earn one point, and the team with the most points would win.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the long wooden stick in her hands. As she sighed with fascination at Tang Chens divine foresight, she glanced at Shi Qian and Cai Wenjia, who were holding a big watermelon.

Both of them cried without tears. Zuo Lingxuan and Jian Yu let out gloating laughter.