Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Nearly Kissing Each Other

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"Lets start!"

Following Wu Mingtians command, Tang Chen walked up to her. "Come on up."

Lin Wanwan was hesitating when Tang Chen raised his eyebrow again. His smile carried with it some evilness. "Or did you want to carry me?"


Although Lin Wanwan didnt want to have any physical contact with Tang Chen, given that there were so many people present and that they were recording a program, she felt that he shouldnt dare to do anything. Thus, she jumped on his back and placed both hands on his shoulders.

"Hang on to me tight. If not, I wont be responsible if you fall."

Lin Wanwan ignored his words and just urged him, "Quickly go over!"

Tang Chen held her legs with both hands and walked under the balloons.

Although there were small slippery balls beneath his feet, he walked fairly steadily.

On the other hand, Cai Wenjias team started to fall right from the start.

Lin Wanwan raised the long wooden stick. Pop, pop, pop! Following her speedy movements, the balloons burst one after another.

Seeing that she had already burst more than half of the balloons within a minute, even if the game time was still sufficient, she was certain she was going to win.

"Oh yay!"

Lin Wanwan cheered. Because of this movement, a thin layer of red covered her slender, white face, and she looked charming.

Tang Chen subconsciously looked up and didnt shift his gaze away.

"Tang Chen, go a little further."

"Ok." Tang Chen casually replied and started to move toward the right.

He stepped on a ball and it was as if his center of gravity was misaligned. His body swayed, and he fell head-first.


Lin Wanwan let out a shocked scream as she fell into the pool of small balls.

Without waiting for her to react, Tang Chen fell as well. Coincidentally, he landed on her body.

The mans smiling face gradually zoomed in and was reflected in Lin Wanwans lingering eyes.

Oh my! Was this the prelude to kissing! Tang Chen definitely did this on purpose!

Hearing the sounds of cold breaths of air being sucked in from all sides, Lin Wanwan quickly recovered herself.

At that moment when Tang Chen was about to kiss her, her agile movements came to good use as she made a prompt decision to roll to the side. This had caused Tang Chen to kiss empty space.

Lin Wanwan clapped her hands and climbed up. She snorted coldly and said, "Young Tang, be careful. If the fall damages your brain, I wont be responsible."

Tang Chen slowly stood up. A trace of regret could be detected in his innocent look.

"Sorry. I slipped."

Lin Wanwan was not going to believe his nonsense.

At this moment, Wu Mingtian and the rest of the crew were shocked and walked over. After learning that both of them were not injured, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Wu Mingtian shook his head and sighed with emotions. "Wanwan, your reaction speed was too fast. Just a bit, just a little sigh!"

What the hell. Why did she detect a trace of regret from his tone? Was he hoping that she and Tang Chen would kiss?

Of course, Wu Mingtian had hoped so. What a great hit that would have been!

However, that was fine too. Even if they didnt kiss, the footage that was filmed just now was enough to make a big fuss about.

Although there were some minor hiccups in the process, Lin Wanwan still emerged victorious in this segment.

After having dinner, Lin Wanwan arrived at a lawn outside. Seeing that the scenery tonight was good, she lay down and looked up at the starry sky.

Suddenly, she heard a series of footsteps approaching her. She turned her head, guarded.

Tang Chen, who was dressed casually, walked over leisurely. He lay down next to her. "Feeling bored?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head and moved to the side a little more to widen the distance between them.

Tang Chen didnt mind this as well. He looked up at the starry sky together with her.