Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Doomed Eternally Once Moved

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"Tang Chen."


Lin Wanwan hesitated for a while but still decided to ask, "What kind of feud do you have with Lu Zhanbei?"

Tang Chen smiled. "Are you asking this question because youre concerned about Lu Zhanbei or about me?"

"Its ok if you dont want to answer me."

"I helped Lu Zhanbei once."

Lin Wanwan was stunned and she continued to listen to Tang Chen speak plainly.

"We have always been enemies, but we dont have any feuds. I dont have any big ambitions, I only care if something is fun or not.

"There was one time I thought Lu Zhanbei was about to lose so I helped him. I didnt expect him to play a trick on me. Even without me, he would have won eventually.

"If this were based on a TV drama, Lu Zhanbeis a little like the protagonist. I, on the other hand, am the antagonist who does all sorts of bad things. Now that theres you, we are destined not to be compatible with each other."

Lin Wanwan gave a long sigh. "Actually, there are also plots where the protagonist and the antagonist come to terms with one another."

Tang Chen curved his lips without any clear meaning. "Are you asking me not to be enemies with Lu Zhanbei?"

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything.

Tang Chen supported a hand on the lawn and leaned over fiercely. He looked at her from atop, and a deep sense of danger was revealed in his eyes.

"Lin Wanwan, give up Lu Zhanbei and choose me, and we would no longer be enemies. If youre willing, I dont even mind being friends with him."

Staring at his deep gaze, Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat.

From Tang Chens eyes, she saw madness, forbearance, and imperativeness.

This was the first time he presented his own feelings in such a strong manner before her.


Lin Wanwan had said only one word when Tang Chens slender finger pressed onto her lips.

"Shush. I dont want to hear you say how much you like Lu Zhanbei, and I dont want to listen to any form of persuasion. If youre bent on choosing Lu Zhanbei, thats fine. I will never hurt you. As for Lu Zhanbei, lets wait and see."

He smiled evilly, his eyes cold.

Lin Wanwan opened her mouth. She did not have the chance to speak as Tang Chen had already stood up.

"I have something on tomorrow so I cant continue recording the program. Whenever youre feeling bored, you can think of me more."

Lin Wanwan looked at his back view and frowned.

"Oh, theres another thing."

Tang Chen stopped in his tracks but didnt turn his head around.

"I dont have parents and dont have any annoying relatives. If you get together with me, I have the confidence to make you an eternal queen."

Then, he changed the topic. "As for Lu Zhanbei you better be prepared to fight all the way up from the bottom. I will not help you in this matter."

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and shouted, "I like challenges!"

As long as she wanted something, she wouldnt retreat because of difficulties ahead.

The glimmer of light in Tang Chens eyes disappeared at once. A self-deprecating smile curved up from the corner of his lips.

Very quickly, he raised his eyebrow and said lazily, "Then, I wish you all the best."

Lin Wanwan was resolute. However, he was not going to give up because of rejection.

One of these days, Lin Wanwan would understand that compared to Lu Zhanbei, he was more suitable for her.

Under the dim light, Tang Chens figure drifted farther and farther away.

Lin Wanwan sighed. Although she had never fallen in love before in the past, she knew that an ambiguous attitude was the most hurtful.

She couldnt and didnt want to let Lu Zhanbei down for his deep affection for her in her two lives. She also couldnt give Tang Chen any hope.

It was better to deal with painful things quickly. As time passed, he would naturally forget about it.

Lin Wanwan had thought through it well. However, she didnt know that there was a type of person in this world who would not be easily moved, but once they were, they would be doomed eternally.

Tang Chen was such a person.