Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Please Look Forward To It

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The next day, as Tang Chen was not around, Lin Wanwans filming went much more smoothly. She made use of the knowledge she learned from the past and her not-bad physical skills to emerge victorious in the games that required IQ and physical strength.

On the other hand, Wu Mingtian felt a little regretful. He subtly asked her a few times if Tang Chen could be invited as a guest again.

Lin Wanwan resolutely rejected him.

Another episode of recording had successfully ended.

On Monday, Lin Wanwan returned to school and glanced at the row of words on the blackboard.

There were still three days left until the college entrance examinations.

The atmosphere in the class had never been so tense. It was difficult to hide the look of perturbation on the students faces. Lin Wanwan was definitely the most leisurely-looking student among the rest.

Three days passed by very quickly. Lin Wanwan pushed away all her itinerary.

Before entering the examination hall, she received a message from Lu Zhanbeis WeChat.

"If you score well, I will give you a surprise."

Thanks to Tang Chen, Lin Wanwans heart would tighten whenever she heard the word "surprise."

"You shouldnt be thinking of giving yourself to me, right? Im sorry, Ill reject it."

"Please look forward to it."

"You just like to act mysterious." Lin Wanwan saw that she was running out of time. She switched off her mobile and entered the examination hall.

The college entrance examination hall had always been managed strictly. Cameras were everywhere, and there were a few invigilators who patrolled up and down.

Not too long later, a cheating student was caught.

As she watched the student being taken away, Lin Wanwan shook her head and concentrated on answering the questions.

Lin Wanwan heaved a long sigh of relief when the college entrance examinations were over.

There was still a period of time before the results were to be out. Lin Wanwan packed her things from the hostel and moved over to Ruan Baoers condominium.

On Saturday morning, Lin Wanwan had just walked out of the entrance when she saw Lu Zhanbeis car driving over.

The car door automatically opened. "Get in."

Lin Wanwan got in. As she buckled her seatbelt, she smiled and said, "Although the results are not out yet, Im confident I would score well. Have you prepared your surprise?"

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes lazily. "Please wait quietly."

"What is it?"

Lu Zhanbei still replied to her with the same words. "Please look forward to it."

Oh, he was addicted to keeping her guessing.

The filming location for this episode of "King of Limits" was within the Imperial Capital. As they had already shot a couple of episodes, she got more familiar with the male emcees and there was more chemistry between them.

After two days and one night of filming had ended, Lin Wanwan returned to the condominium to rest. The next day, she went to the winery to find Si Han.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Si Han drinking beer. She was both angry and anxious. "Youre actually drinking beer again! Arent you deserving of a beating?!"

Si Han flattened the empty can and raised his eyebrow. "Just one can."

"Not even one can!"

Lin Wanwan opened the refrigerator and saw that there were still a few cans of beer. She pulled out the pull ring one by one and poured all the alcohol into the sink.

Si Han leaned lazily against the wall. Seeing her action, he had a soft smile in his eyes.

"You really havent changed at all. So overbearing."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and said, "Meanwhile, you have changed a lot. Havent you gone with the abstinence style in the past? Now that Im back, can you keep away the decadence? Its an eyesore!"

"I remember you used to complain that I was too serious. Now that Ive changed, youre not satisfied again. Youre so hard to please."

Lin Wanwan choked and sat on the sofa. "Stop fooling around. Im here today to talk about serious matters."

Si Han scoffed lightly. "Havent I already understood your style of never visiting unless you need something? If you didnt have serious matters for me, you would have long looked for Lu Zhanbei."