Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Check Into A Room To Avoid The Jealous King

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Eh? Why was there a hint of sourness in these words?

Lin Wanwan blinked and laughed. "Si Dada, are you jealous?"

Staring at her teasing gaze, Si Han held his chin with one hand. He gave a side glance that was full of disdain.

"Only Lu Zhanbei has such a heavy taste and can tolerate you. Im so glad that you met him before youre thirty-years-old. If not, if you cant get married, I would be forced to be a couple with you. How unfortunate would that be?"



What the hell! Was the friendship between her and Si Han made of plastic?

It had already been three years, yet his words were still so vicious.

"Im magnanimous, so I wont stoop down to your level!" Lin Wanwan pouted and changed the topic. "Dont accept scripts for me this holiday."

"Why? Do you have other arrangements again?"

Lin Wanwan drank a sip of water. "Director Tans The Distance Just for You is selecting a filming location now. I estimate that filming will start soon. King of Limits is only half-recorded. Also, arent you planning to send me overseas for training? That will take up some time too."

Speaking of this, she sighed.

"Why am I still working so hard now that Im alive again?"

Si Han looked at her depressed look and laughed lowly. "Because you want to realize your dreams as soon as possible."

Lin Wanwan shook her head and sighed. "Only Si Han knows me the best."

Si Han laughed. His eyes, which were originally cold, now had a spring-breeze-like smile.

For a few days, Lin Wanwan had gone to Yun Mansion to walk the dog or had looked for good food together with Ruan Baoer in the Imperial Capital.

On Saturday morning, she received Lu Zhanbeis message when she just climbed out of bed.

"What arrangements do you have today?"

"Nothing. Im free for the whole day. Do you want to take me out?"

"Date, or no date?"

Lin Wanwan laughed lightly and was about to promise him when her face changed suddenly. She looked toward Ruan Baoer, who was sitting by the side.

"Baoer, what day is today?"

Ruan Baoer, who was flipping through a fashion magazine, replied without lifting her head up. "Saturday. The fifth episode of King of Limits will be broadcast today. I heard you mention previously that Tang Chen had participated in the recording too. Lets watch it together tonight. I want to see if the two of you had any intimate interaction"

Toward the end, a trace of teasing could be detected in her tone.

Lin Wanwan looked troubled. Damn! How could she have forgotten about this matter!

After the filming for the fifth episode was completed, Lin Wanwan had wanted to share what had happened with Lu Zhanbei so that he would at least be given a heads-up. However, as she was busy with the college entrance examinations, she accidentally forgot about it.

Lin Wanwan knew very clearly how capable Lu Zhanbei was of being jealous!

If the program team broadcast the image of her and Tang Chen almost kissing each other, and this was seen by Lu Zhanbei

She was going to be in huge trouble.

Lin Wanwan thought to herself for a while. She called Si Han. She had not said anything when Si Hans magnetic voice traveled over.

"Coincidentally, I was also about to look for you for something"

"Si Dada, listen to me first. My side is very urgent!" Lin Wanwan interrupted him and said quickly, "If youre free, help me check into a room at the hotel. Im still underage now so I cant book a room myself."

"Why do you want to check into a room?"

"Oh, Ill tell you next time. Please help!"

Si Han was amused by her words. "Ive booked Room 812 at the Kailun Hotel. You go over first. Ill get the staff personnel to let you in."

"Thanks, boss!"

Before Lin Wanwan hung up the call, she didnt forget to say, "If Lu Zhanbei asks where I am, dont tell him."

Feeling her anxiousness, Si Han asked with interest, "You couldnt have done anything that would let him down, right? Could you have made a cuckold out of him?"