Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Injected Again

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He spoke in a tone that seemed to be waiting for the show to start. Lin Wanwan was very unhappy after hearing these words.

"Yes, I called out your name when I was sleeping yesterday night. Lu Zhanbei heard it and thought we were having an affair. In a fit of anger, he wanted to break my leg. Im going to take refuge now. As my fellow adulterer, you have to be careful too. Take care!"

Si Han was speechless. ""

Lin Wanwan casually threw Ruan Baoer a few sentences. Then, she picked up her bag and mobile and rushed to Room 812 of the Kailun Hotel.

The room door was indeed open. Lin Wanwan walked in and locked the door.

The suite was very big and the decorations were very luxurious. Lin Wanwan immediately dug out her mobile and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

"I have something on at the last minute, so I cant go out on a date with you. The signal here isnt good so Ill switch off my mobile first. Lets chat after Im back!"

Once the message was sent out, Lin Wannwan immediately switched off her mobile.

She would first hide in the hotel for these two days. When Lu Zhanbei had calmed down, she would explain things to him again.

After everything was done, she lay down on the bed, as if released from a burden.

For a period of time, only the movement of the clock could be heard in the vast space.

In such a quiet environment, Lin Wanwan subconsciously fell asleep.

She was sleeping in a state of confusion when she heard subtle footsteps approaching

The vigilance that she had trained made Lin Wanwan wide awake in an instant. Very quickly, she recalled that the room key was with Si Han and she thought that it was him.

"Why are you here so late? Ive already fallen asleep."

Lin Wanwan hadnt slept enough yet. As she yawned, she flipped over and wanted to continue sleeping.

At this time, she felt the hand she had placed on the outside come into contact with something cold.


Following a crisp sound, her right wrist was handcuffed.

In the darkness, Lin Wanwans face changed.

It wasnt Si Han?!

She sat up at the fastest speed. She had just swept out her leg when a powerful palm caught hold of her ankle.

The other party flung her hard. Lin Wanwans right hand was handcuffed and her left leg was caught. She had no means to resist him at all. Her body was flipped 180-degrees and she landed on the bed with her face down.

Although this fall didnt injure her, it gave the other party the opportunity to cuff both her hands behind her back. Both her legs were similarly cuffed together as well.

Lin Wanwans heart sank.

Not only did this man have agile movements, but he was also very quick in his responses. Even if she came prepared, she might not necessarily be his match in a one-on-one fight.

Becoming a prisoner now, Lin Wanwan forced herself to calm down. "Is this big brother seeking money or lust? Tell me your motive and we can discuss it. I guarantee youll be satisfied."

The man ignored her and took out a hemp rope to tie her up firmly. Then, he put a blindfold on her eyes.


Lin Wanwan heard him switch on the lights. She couldnt see what he was doing and her heart felt empty

"Big Brother, say something. I guarantee Ill cooperate with you, ok?"

A young girls pitifulness could easily draw a mans sympathy. However, not only was he not moved, but he also grabbed her arm roughly instead.

"What do you want to do?"

An ominous feeling flashed past Lin Wanwans heart. Very quickly, a thin needle was pierced into one of the arteries on her arm.

What the hell!

Was this the prelude to injecting her with drugs again when she had not yet kicked away her drug addiction?!

What exactly was this a*shole injecting her with? Poison?

Lin Wanwan felt the cold liquid being injected into her body. Her heart was covered with a psychological shadow.

She wouldnt die just like that, right?