Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Murdering Her Own Husband

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Now that things had come to such a state, she calmed down but the smile on her lips was slightly bitter.

She didnt expect that she was going to die again when she was not even an adult yet.

It was such a damned waste!

If she had known she would die early, she would have found an opportunity to sleep with Lu Zhanbei earlier. Then, she would not have led her life for nothing.

Lin Wanwan was still finding joy in her sorrows when her body was suddenly lifted up horizontally and thrown over the mans shoulder.

From the direction he was walking, she could tell that he was leaving the room.

"Hey, where are you bringing me to?"

The man still didnt answer her. Lin Wanwan sighed helplessly. "Are you dumb? Dont you know how to utter a sound? You oh!"

Her chattering mouth was suddenly gagged by a towel. She could no longer utter any sound.

Lin Wanwans original plan to cry for help was now down the drain

After getting on the car, they traveled at the speed of lightning.

Lin Wanwan kept trying to untie the rope and handcuffs on her body but failed several times.

Approximately half an hour later, the car finally stopped.

The man was still hard-hearted and, carrying her over his shoulders, he kept walking.

She didnt know how far they had walked or where they were. Just when Lin Wanwan was about to vomit, the man flung her down to the sofa and removed the towel from her mouth.

"Spit, spit, spit!"

Lin Wanwan sat upright and spit out the fluffy threads that she accidentally took into her mouth.

She didnt know where this was, but she tried to maintain her calm and asked, "Mr. Kidnapper, if you want to kill me, can you be more deft? If you want to talk to me about conditions, can you first untie me?"

As the words fell, she felt a hand opening the handcuffs behind her back. Then, the ropes on her body were loosened.

Lin Wanwan flexed her wrists. At this moment, she felt a warm breath sweeping past her ear and cool lips gently rubbing her earlobe.


This man had kidnapped her in order to rape her?

Then the medicine that she was injected with earlier couldnt be that type of medicine, right?

Lin Wanwan had wanted to find an opportunity to escape after the ankle cuffs were opened. Now, she couldnt be bothered. She swung her fist out fiercely and aimed it at the man who was performing obscene acts on her. The other hand ripped away the eye mask on her face.

She initially thought that this punch would be a successful sneak attack.

However, the fist had just swung out halfway when a powerful palm wrapped it.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan regained her sight.

"You a*s"

As Lin Wanwan tried to pull back her fists, she started scolding.

The next second, when she saw the handsome face that was zoomed in front of her, she swallowed all her remaining words. Her mouth opened so hugely that it could fit an egg.

Lu Zhanbei hooked the young girl, whose body had stiffened, into his embrace with his long arms. He said in a teasing tone, "You want to murder your own husband?"

It was as if Lin Wanwan had been struck by lightning; she couldnt react even after a long time.

Lu Zhanbei could not help but touch her forehead with his hand. "Stunned?"


Lin Wanwan was indeed stunned.

What was this called? A sudden glimpse of hope in the dark mist of bewilderment? The kidnapper was actually my man?

"This is your so-called surprise? Lu. Zhan. Bei!"

Lin Wanwan finally recovered herself. As she thought of how perturbed she had been during the entire journey, she didnt find it to be a happy surprise. Instead, she was furious!

She gritted her teeth and was about to push away the initiator.

Suddenly, a cheeky female voice sounded in the hall.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Ball. Happy birthday to you"