Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 465

Chapter 465 This Revenge Was Ruthless

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Lin Wanwan was stunned. She subconsciously turned around.

Ruan Baoer wore a red and festive modified cheongsam. She was pushing a small cart with a three-layered cake on it.

An exquisite small character made of flour was on the top layer of the cake. From the characters eyebrows and contours, one could tell that this was Lin Wanwans face.

Lin Wanwan was confused again. Today was her birthday?

She thought carefully and was enlightened.

Thats right. Today was indeed Lin Wanwans eighteenth birthday based on her ID card.

Si Han and Gu Mo appeared as well. Si Han raised his eyebrow and said, "I didnt expect you to be so pampered now that youre about the same as me. Do you know youre really very heavy?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan looked over sharply.

"Youre the one who kidnapped me?"

"Yes. Im so tired. You should slim down."


Seeing that there wasnt any guilt on his face but was instead full of disdain, Lin Wanwan was furious and wanted to pounce over and hit him.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist in time. "Hit him later. Lets settle serious matters first."

Upon hearing this, Si Han laughed out loud. His narrow eyes were full of disdain.

"Lu Zhanbei, you thought of this plan and you were the one who got me to cooperate with you on this surprise. As the initiator, who gave you the courage to let Lin Wanwan hit me?"

Lin Wanwans stare that was initially for Si Han immediately landed on Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei had an innocent look on his face and said, "I asked you to invite her over. I didnt ask you to do so using this manner."

Si Han was about to say something when Ruan Baoer interrupted them, dissatisfied.

"Can you both please not snatch the limelight away? Little Ball, come over here quickly to blow out the candles! Lu Zhanbei got the first-class master of that dessert paradise to make this cake personally. Its definitely going to be delicious!"

The cake took Lin Wanwans attention away. She watched as Ruan Baoer and Si Han placed the cake with eighteen lit candles on the table.

"Sister Ball, make a wish quickly!"

Lin Wanwan sat in the middle of the sofa and clasped her hands together.

Before making a wish, she cast a meaningful look at Si Han. Si Han could not help but raise his eyebrow.

"Number one, I hope Si Dada and Baoer can become a couple and never separate from each other."

Since Si Han dared to kidnap her, she was going to make him pay a painful price!

Si Han was speechless. ""

This was definitely the most vicious curse in the world.

Ruan Baoer looked at him shyly. "Youre so irritating. We can be a couple. As to never separating from each other, forget it."

She had already planned it well. She would first make Si Han fall in love with her, then play with his feelings, and finally heartlessly abandon him. Perfect!

Si Han snorted. Wishes that were said out loud would never come true.

"Number two" Lin Wanwan paused, then looked toward Lu Zhanbei. "Are you a virgin?"

Feeling the ambiguous gazes from everyone else, Lu Zhanbei nodded calmly. "Ive always kept it for you."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She ignored his words and continued to close her eyes and make a wish.

"I hope that Lu Zhanbei will have todays glory forever."


Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow with interest. She wished that he would be a virgin every year?

This revenge was ruthless.

"Haha!" Gu Mo and Ruan Baoer, who were watching the show, let out gloating laughter.

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. Regardless of who it was, as long as he or she dared to bully her, she would not let any of them off.

For these two wishes, even if God didnt want to help her, she could still work hard on her own.

"Number three"

Lin Wanwan didnt say out loud the last wish but said it silently in her heart.

"I hope that the people I love and the people who love me would be safe and happy."