Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Its Still Too Early To Squeeze Me Dry

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After making the wishes, Lin Wanwan blew out the candles.

Ruan Baoer clapped her hands in excitement. "Congratulations, Sister Ball, for finally being a grown-up. You can now do shameless things together with your Beibei!"

"" Lin Wanwan turned speechless in despair. Indeed, one couldnt befriend bad friends.

Lu Zhanbei gave Ruan Baoer an appreciative look. "This is possible."

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. "Can you not have the final say?"

After eating the cake, Ruan Baoer scratched her head in embarrassment.

"Im penniless now so I cant afford any expensive gifts. Ill give you this. Happy eighteenth birthday. Thank you for taking care of me for so long."

She loosened her small fist. A piece of jade engraved with a flame mark lay in her palm.

One look at it and Lin Wanwan could recognize that this was carved from emerald green imperial jade. This jade had always been hung around Ruan Baoers neck and must be beloved.

"This is too precious. I cant have it."

Ruan Baoer stuffed the jade into her hands. "Take it!"

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across the flame mark on the jade, then looked at Ruan Baoer. He squinted his eyes slightly.

No wonder he had always found this little girl to be familiar.

So it was that.

In the end, Lin Wanwan couldnt win against Ruan Baoers perseverance, and she could only accept it.

"Si Dada, wheres your present?"

Si Han slowly looked at Lin Wanwan. "Ever since you mixed around with Lu Zhanbei, your skins level of thickness had increased at a tremendous pace. This is the first time Ive seen someone taking the initiative to ask for presents."

"Thank you for the compliment." Lin Wanwan didnt change her expression and asked, "Wheres my present?"

Si Han threw a small box over in bad temper. "For you."

Lin Wanwan opened the box and saw the transfer of property ownership books for the assets she had in her previous life.

Si Han had bought all these from Lu Zhanbei. They were worth at least 600 million yuan.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. When she lifted her head, she saw his disapproving smile. "Im just returning them to the original owner."

Lin Wanwan didnt want them. However, based on her understanding of Si Han, he would definitely not take back the things he had sent out.

"Ill keep these for now. However, I estimate you will be squeezed dry soon enough anyway. How about this? Once I earn enough money, Ill buy better ones for you to keep."

There wasnt a need to split everything so clearly between her and Si Han.

Si Han smiled playfully and said with meaning, "Its still too early to squeeze me dry."

Feeling the sudden drop in atmosphere, Lin Wanwan smiled and hurriedly changed the topic. "Im hungry, Im hungry. Lets eat!"

The table was already full of dishes that looked, smelled, and tasted good. Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across them and realized they were all dishes she loved.

"Lu Zhanbei, youre so nice to me." With regards to food, she was really touched.

Lu Zhanbei patted her head and there was no change in his expression. It was as if it was normal for him to do all these for his woman.

Si Han saw the intimate interaction between the two and expressed disdain by snorting.

Ruan Baoer leaned over like a thief and said, "Are you envious? Come, Ill let you touch my head."

Si Han saw her leaning down her head. He lifted his hand and knocked it heavily.

"Oh my!" Ruan Baoer instantly teared up due to the pain. "Im comforting you but you actually hit me!"

"Im sorry. I just like to hit an empty brain when I see one."


Lin Wanwan was happily feasting when Lu Zhanbei suddenly poured two glasses of wine and handed her one glass.

"To celebrate your birthday today, lets have a drink?"