Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Lu Zhanbeis Birthday Surprise

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Lin Wanwan frowned lightly and placed the wine glass on the table. "Its not as if you dont know I cant drink alcohol."

Lu Zhanbei swayed the glass of alcohol in his hands and smiled meaningfully. "This bottle is from my collection. Its the best. Are you sure you dont want to try it?"

After saying this, he took a sip lightly.

Lin Wanwan was moved for a moment. However, upon recalling that alcohol would trigger her addiction, she shook her head resolutely.

"Whats wrong with you today? You know that I cant drink alcohol. Why do you keep tempting me? You oh"

She had not yet finished her words when Lu Zhanbei suddenly leaned over. His slender fingers lifted her chin.

The next second, his lips landed firmly on her soft red lips.


Ruan Baoer, who was by the side, whistled and held her chin with both hands. She was watching them with gusto.

Gu Mo was the same. However, Si Han could not bear to look at them and turned his head away.

Lin Wanwan looked at the handsome face that was well within reach in front of her and gritted her teeth in hatred.

This a*shole. Why was he so flirtatious without rhyme or reason?!

Lu Zhanbeis nimble tongue peeled open her lips and went straight in.

Lin Wanwan was not interested in doing a French kiss in front of everyone else. She was about to push him away when, suddenly, she felt cool liquor flowing down from Lu Zhanbeis mouth. She was shocked and her conditioned reflexes led her to start struggling.

"Oh" It was a pity she was too late. The alcohol successfully slid into her throat.

Lu Zhanbei loosened his grip and looked up. Seeing a thin layer of red appear on her white, slender face, he thought she was exceptionally charming.

His eyes darkened and he asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "How does it taste?"

Lin Wanwan was not in the mood to taste the wine. Her face turned completely dark. "What exactly are you up to today?!"

Lu Zhanbeis confused look caused her not to vent her anger. She sighed helplessly.

"Forget it. Quickly get Zhou Yan to come over."

Lu Zhanbei replied to her with two words: "No rush."

Lin Wanwan immediately glared at him. However, he smiled slightly. "Why didnt you ask for your present from me?"

"Wasnt that scare, oh no, that surprise, your birthday present for me?"

After answering his question, Lin Wanwan realized belatedly that she was letting Lu Zhanbei lead the conversation again. She immediately gave him a look.

It was as if Lu Zhanbei didnt see it as he lightly tugged her wrist and forced her to be in his embrace. He smiled lightly and asked, "Do you want to know what I gave you?"

"" Lin Wanwan somehow felt that he was possessed today.

Lu Zhanbei handed her the remaining glass of wine. "This is my birthday present to you. Try it again."

Lin Wanwan glanced at the scarlet red liquor, then at his elegant, smiling face. She suddenly squinted her eyes.

Somethings wrong. Lu Zhanbei would definitely not joke about her safety.

"Ok." She received it and finished the contents in one go.

This time around, she carefully tasted it. "The wines full-bodied and it gives off a dry and sweet aftertaste. Its good."

Lu Zhanbei saw that she had understood his intentions so quickly, and he smiled even deeper.

"Another glass then?"

"Bring it!"

Lin Wanwan drank another glass and didnt forget to tease him, "Youre not planning to make me drunk so that we can have sex after that, right?"

Lu Zhanbei replied, "Indeed, our hearts are closely linked."

At this point in time, Lin Wanwan was in deep thoughts.

She had already drunk two glasses of wine, but she didnt feel uncomfortable anywhere.

She recalled what had happened previously and her eyes shone fiercely. "Could it be that I was injected with the antidote?"