Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Sleeping Together

Chapter 468: Sleeping Together
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Hearing an affirmative response, Lin Wanwan almost burst into tears. She was so happy she grabbed Lu Zhanbeis neck.

"I really like this present so much!"

She hadnt minded that she was unable to drink alcohol. However, as long as the drug addiction had not been resolved, she would never have felt at ease. It was as if she had had a time bomb hidden inside her and it could explode any time.

A glimmer of light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "If you really want to thank me, why dont you promise me a request?"

"Tell me."

Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything. He just used a "you know" expression to look at her.

Lin Wanwan understood it in an instant. This man was really thinking of having an official status anytime, anywhere.

Forget it. She was in a good mood today. She had hooked him long enough as well. Furthermore, she would have given him this status sooner or later.
Lin Wanwan cleared her throat and was about to promise him.

At this point in time, Si Hans cold voice sounded. "Lin Wanwan, you cant fall in love right now. Given your current position in the entertainment circle, you cant get rid of your popularity. You have a very high number of male fans. If they know youre no longer single, this can severely affect the fan base."

Lin Wanwan looked at Si Hans righteous look, then at Lu Zhanbei, whose face had turned dark. She thought quietly for a long while.

"I understand."

Im sorry, Beibei. Wait for me for a while more. Just a while more!

Lu Zhanbei looked at Si Han. His eyes were deep, as if a storm was brewing. Si Han returned the look, challenging him.

The smell of explosives seemed to fill the air

At the end of the meal, before Si Han left, he ignored Lu Zhanbeis sinister gaze and said to Lin Wanwan, "Lets leave together. Ill send you back to the condominium."

Lin Wanwan had not yet nodded when she suddenly felt Lu Zhanbei looking over. His eyes were dark, as if she was a heartless man who had dumped his wife.

" Si Dada, you head back first. I"

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes and she pointed at Tian Ba, who was eating the cake in the corner.

"Ill accompany my dog to play for a while more before leaving!"

Si Han half-laughed. He didnt expose this pitiful excuse and said, "Then Ill head back first."

After everyone left one after another, the two of them headed upstairs.

Lin Wanwan naturally walked into the bedroom. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei followed in as well, she thought he wanted to sleep here. As such, she said, "Ill sleep in the next room."

Lu Zhanbei stepped forward and backed her against the wall. "Lets sleep together tonight."

"" Was this the prelude for someone to turn into a beast? Could she reject him?

It was as if Lu Zhanbei understood her micro-expressions. He lifted his eyebrow slightly and said, "Im not even worried you will hatch a plot against me. What are you afraid of? Youre scared that I would suddenly want to eat double-side fried eggs?"

Damn! Why was this hooligan pretending to be a gentleman here?!

Lin Wanwan made up her mind. "Its just sleeping together. Im not afraid of you."

She wanted to see if Lu Zhanbei was really as serious as he said he would be.

After taking a shower, she wore a white bathrobe and lay on the bed.

At this point in time, Lu Zhanbei, who had finished showering next door, walked over as well. He was wearing the same bathrobe and the neckline was slightly open. His beautifully muscled chest could be seen faintly.

Water droplets rolled down from his wet hair and landed on his exquisite collarbone. They slid down slowly and left behind a trace of sexiness.

Witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan subconsciously looked ahead fixedly.

Lu Zhanbei sensed her gaze and immediately closed his neckline. He didnt forget to look at her warningly.

"" What kind of gaze was that!

Lu Zhanbei ignored Lin Wanwans indignant look. He went to the other side of the bed and lay down. There was at least a distance of one meter away from her.