Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Imagine The Ending Yourself

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Lin Wanwan could not help but mock him. "Dont worry. Even if you were to strip naked and seduce me today, I wouldnt touch you!"

"What if you go back on your word?" Lu Zhanbeis look was still unfathomable.

"Then I will promise you a request unconditionally!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her confident face and smiled lightly. "Ok."

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly and was about to sleep when she saw from the corner of her eye Lu Zhanbei picking up the remote control and switching on the TV from the bedroom.

When the screen lit up, the repeat broadcast of the fifth episode of "King of Limits" was actually playing!

What was more coincidental was that the program was playing the game segment where Tang Chen was carrying her


Lin Wanwan was shocked. On the surface, she pretended nothing had happened and leaned toward Lu Zhanbei. She stretched out her hand to take the remote control from his hand.

"Theres nothing much to look at for this episode. There are no laughing points at all. I havent participated much either. Its late. Lets sleep. Come, Ill hug you to sleep tonight"

As she was feeling perturbed, she started to speak incoherently.

Lu Zhanbei waved his arm and agilely avoided her. His phoenix-shaped eyes were still glued to the screen. He watched as Tang Chen carried Lin Wanwan to poke the balloons on the shelf.

"Why do I feel that this episode is pretty exciting?"

Listening to his calm tone, Lin Wanwans heart tightened. She lowered her head and pretended to feign ignorance.

Damn. It looked like she couldnt hide now.

"Heh." Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei said without any clear meaning, "Its getting more and more exciting."

Lin Wanwan subconsciously tilted her head and looked at it.

The scene where she and Tang Chen almost kissed was split into countless slow motions. Due to the angle, it could be seen that the way Tang Chen looked at her was exceptionally gentle and passionate. Her nervous expression could also be very easily misinterpreted as shyness.

Tang Chens lips were leaning toward her bit by bit. The ambiguous atmosphere was brewing in the air.

The accompanying music that the program team had selected sounded at the right time.

"You are the one who turned my world pink from that moment onwards. You are the one who I want in my life every moment from now. Love must be carefully carved"

Listening to the sweet love song and watching how she and Tang Chen were "passionately looking" at one another onscreen, even if Lin Wanwan understood very clearly that she didnt do anything with Tang Chen, she could not help but sigh at how realistic the program team had created the effects.

Sensing the surrounding air around someone cooling, Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps up her scalp.

She could only hope that Lu Zhanbei would cool down after seeing that nothing had happened between Tang Chen and herself.

However, things did not go as smoothly as Lin Wanwan had thought.

Just as Tang Chen was about to kiss Lin Wanwan, the screen suddenly turned black and a row of words jumped out.

"Imagine the ending yourself"

Lin Wanwan said, "@##%&!"

What tricks were they playing?! For the ratings, the program team no longer had moral integrity. Such a way of editing could lead to her committing suicide to pay for her crime!

Lin Wanwan was complaining like crazy in her heart. Lu Zhanbei suddenly flipped over and pressed his whole body against hers.

That elegant and handsome face revealed an evil-looking smile. His slender fingertips landed on her lips and he gently rubbed them.

"Imagine the ending yourself Tell me, what ending was it? Eh?"

Lin Wanwan could feel the deeply hidden danger underneath his calm appearance. She blinked and mustered up the courage to explain, "I didnt kiss Tang Chen."

Lu Zhanbeis smile didnt reach his eyes. "And so?"

Lin Wanwan stared at him fixedly for a while. Then, she suddenly hugged his neck with both arms and lifted her head to kiss his lips