Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Don't Mess With A Lunatic

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She raised her hand and prepared to give Lin Wanwan a slap.

Lin Wanwan stood up in a flustered manner. “Sorry, I’ll help you to wipe them off!”

She reached out to grab a corner of Liu Zilin’s uniform skirt. In a seemingly accidental move, she pulled it down!

“Hey hey hey!”

The boys stared at Liu Zilin’s fair-skinned thighs and at her buttocks that were wrapped in a white piece of underwear. They made frivolous sounds and some of them even wolf-whistled.

“We are quite lucky to be able to take a look at the class belle’s good figure!”

“Really wish I could touch it”


Listening to these unbearable words, Liu Zilin seemed to be scared stiff. After showing a lifeless expression for a very long time, she screamed heartbreakingly.


She covered her face with one hand, picked up the skirt, and rushed out of the classroom crying.

The boys continued to tease shamelessly. The girls looked at one another, then at the innocent-looking Lin Wanwan who seemed to not know what she had done, and backed away together out of their own accord.

No wonder everyone said one should not mess with a lunatic.

The girls no longer dared to say anything bad about Lin Wanwan. They did not even dare to look malicious for fear that they would end up in the same state as Liu Zilin.

Sweeping over their fearful expressions, Lin Wanwan sneered silently in her heart. She was best at dealing with these bullies.

After this incident of warning by example, no one dared to find her for trouble in this short period of time. At the same time, she was isolated by everyone else.

No one was willing to get close to her. They did not even want to talk to her.

Lin Wanwan was happy and comfortable with this situation. As high school was something she’d long ago put behind her, she spent all her time studying in school, not at all concerned that people might tease her behind her back, saying she was just wasting her time.

Occasionally, Lin Wanwan would deliberately ask the teacher some simple questions. At the same time, she left no trace that she had been secretly studying all these years. All precautions had been considered and taken.

A few days later, it was the opening ceremony of An Qiao’s movie, ‘The Palace‘.

She knew that after today, the entire nation would probably know that Lin Wanwan was that foolish fangirl.

So she had to win the battle this time!

Lin Wanwan applied for a leave of absence from the teacher the day before. After her morning revision, she mingled with a group of students who were buying breakfast then headed for the school gate.

Her long and straight black hair was moving along lightly with the wind. Her light blue uniform concealed her slim and slender figure. She had a pure and clean temperament that was different from girls of the same age.

That moment, the boys from other classes quietly glanced over.

Nobody noticed that a limited edition sports car was parked under a tree in a secluded area.

A man’s elegant side view could be seen faintly through the half-opened car window.

He blew out a mouthful of smoke and said to his special assistant, “Hey, Tang Qiang. Would this really work?”

Tang Qiang confidently nodded. “No woman will resist the power of money. After bringing her to a jewelry shop, just buy everything without any restrictions. She will be yours tonight!”

“Let me try.” Tang Chen rubbed his chin as if in deep thought. “If this idea doesn’t work, you can change your name to Tang Qiang (lying on the floor after a gunshot).”

“” He hated the person who had invented this term!

“Boss, do you need me to drive the car over?”

Tang Chen shook his head. “My future girlfriend said before that I can’t cause any disturbance. If I do, she will deduct points off of me. Will you be responsible for that?”

An ellipsis flashed over Tang Qiang’s head. Things had not started to take shape yet and he was already calling her his future girlfriend?