Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 470

Chapter 470 The Queens Lips Belong To You Alone

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"The Queens lips belong to you alone. Are you satisfied with this answer?"

Her charming smile caused Lu Zhanbeis eyes to darken. "Not yet."

After saying this, his left hand hooked the back of Lin Wanwans head, not giving her any chance to avoid him.

A passionate kiss landed. His movements were not gentle at all. There was even a taste of punishment, and he sucked on her tongue until it began to hurt.

Lin Wanwan didnt avoid him. Instead, she started to complement this deep kiss.

She was too busy these few days and didnt really care much about Lu Zhanbei. Regardless of how considerate a man was, he had to be given some benefits occasionally.

The temperature in the room gradually increased. The ambiguous atmosphere was spreading rapidly as well.


Suddenly, a bathrobe was thrown off the bed. The sound of a female breathing was heard from time to time in the quiet space.

It was not until Lu Zhanbei began to try to tear off the last layer of clothes off Lin Wanwan that she rolled gently. She rolled out of his arms and grabbed a piece of silk to cover her skin.

"Not yet."

Lu Zhanbei raised his dark phoenixes. His hoarse voice was full of forbearance as he asked, "Why? Youre already an adult."

Lin Wanwan had long prepared a reason. "Because I want to get into a relationship wherein going to bed isnt the ulterior motive. We havent spent a lot of time together. Im afraid that Ill be blinded by you and lose both my heart and my body."

Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. She obviously knew that even if he were to let everyone down in this world, he wouldnt let her down.

She could reject him. However, could she find a much better excuse?

Lin Wanwan was amused by his look. "Lu Zhanbei, what kind of expression is this?"

"Despising you."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Dont be angry. When my popularity has stabilized, Ill consider giving you a proper status. We are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship yet, so we must be more reserved."

Lu Zhanbei took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. "This excuse barely passed. I accept."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan chuckled. She was thinking silently in her heart that they had already slept together on the same bed for so many times and that that was actually not much different from having an official status.

However, it was still pretty interesting to tease him.

"Sleep early. Its late."

She put on her bathrobe, went into Lu Zhanbeis arms, and yawned.

At the same time, Lu Zhanbeis magnetic voice sounded again. "Dont forget, you still owe me a request."

Lin Wanwan was raging in her heart. She recalled how she had said she wouldnt touch him before they watched the TV and her face fell completely.

Damn. So many defenses, but she had still fallen into this mans hole.

"Dont worry. I meant what I said. If you really want to."

After saying this, she closed her eyes and prepared to kiss him.

Lu Zhanbei pushed her head away. "Go to sleep."

Lin Wanwan tilted her head in puzzlement, as if asking, "You tried so painstakingly hard for me to promise you a request. Isnt that to sleep with me?"

Lu Zhanbei returned her an elegant smile and said, "I have personally verified that youre still too small. Lets wait a while longer. Im not in a rush."

Lin Wanwans face was filled with hatred and sadness. She covered her chest and said, "I will not be angered by you!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed and hugged her even tighter. "Goodnight."


Lin Wanwan found a comfortable position in Lu Zhanbeis embrace. She smelled the light fragrance on his body and fell asleep very quickly.

Under the faint moonlight that was shining through the windows, Lu Zhanbei stared at her quiet, sleeping look.

It wasnt that he didnt want her. He wanted her too much.

Knowing that she wasnt ready yet, he didnt want to force her.

One of these days, she would willingly hand herself and her heart over to him.