Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Sugar Ball Couple

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The next day, Gu Mo drove Lin Wanwan to the neighboring city to film the next episode of "King of Limits." Lu Zhanbei followed along as well.

Two and a half hours later, they reached their destination.

Lin Wanwan got off the car at the back door of a certain-star hotel. "Ill get going first."


Lu Zhanbei got off as well. He stopped in front of Lin Wanwan. Under her puzzled look, he lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Ill pick you up on Sunday."

"Ok." Lin Wanwan waved at him. "See you on Sunday then!"

Lu Zhanbei saw her back view disappear. Then, he returned to the car and dug out his mobile.

Hot news in the entertainment circle: "Sheng Ruis young Tang and popular starlet Lin Wanwan has intimate actions in the program. Suspected relationship exposed?"

Upon opening the contents, he saw that the comments were as follows:

"Oh, oh, oh. I didnt expect to have the chance to appreciate the beauty of my male god in a variety show. Tangtang is really so handsome. He has high IQ and is a such a good boyfriend. I ask for God to give me such a perfect man too! /sad"

"Tang Chens and Balls interactions are so full of love. I only have one question. Have they kissed yet?"

"They definitely kissed. The editing deliberately tried to make things look mysterious! From today onwards, my life revolves around the Sugar-Ball couple!"

"Sugar-Ball this name sounds really sweet. I like it!"

As Lu Zhanbei looked at the numerous comments, his iconic faint smile never changed. However, that pair of deep, bottomless eyes was as cold as ice.

From the mirror, Gu Mo could sense from him that danger was brewing. His heart trembled slightly and he said weakly, "Sir, ah the netizens love to kick up a fuss blindly. Its obvious that theres nothing between Ms. Lin and Tang Chen."

Lu Zhanbei closed the webpage and asked inexplicably, "Have you taken the photo?"


Lu Zhanbei received the mobile he handed over. The photo on the screen was the moment he lowered his head to kiss Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan entered the hotel and arrived at the lobby on the first floor.

"Sister Ball is here!" Cai Wenjia immediately rushed over and gave her a hug. He said with interest, "I havent seen you in one week and you seem to have become prettier again. Is it because the progress of your relationship with Tang Chen is quite good recently, and youre thus in high spirits because of this happy event?"

Shi Qian looked at her ambiguously as well and said, "Wanwan, when are you planning to make public your relationship with young Tang?"

"" What rubbish were they uttering?!

Lin Wanwan glared at Wu Mingtian, who was secretly laughing. She snapped, "Tang Chen and I are definitely like scallions mixed with tofu very pure and innocent. Can you stop stirring us together?"

Their laughter became more gossipy, and it was obvious they didnt believe her. Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to explain further to these people who were pretending to be deaf.

Guests were invited as usual for this episode. It was just that when Wu Mingtian was introducing the guest, his original smiling face sank immediately. His introductory words were quite perfunctory as well.

"Today, we have invited famous actress Su Maner as our guest. Everyone, lets give her a round of applause."

Upon hearing this name, Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow slightly.

Amidst the applause, Su Maner, who was wearing a white low-neck gown, appeared elegantly. Her long and curly light-brown hair was carefully made, and the V-neckline of the gown exposed her exquisite collarbone.

Not only was Su Maner here, but she also even brought along her newfound "girlfriend," Qin Xiangyu.

The moment he saw Qin Xiangyu appear, Wu Mingtians face darkened and he looked unfriendly.

"What is going on! Havent we agreed that the guest for this episode is only Su Maner?"