Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Not Bearing Good Intentions

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The editor, who was questioned by Wu Mingtian, gave a bitter laugh.

Su Maner stepped in to reply first in a soft and weak tone, "Director Wu, I feel that it wont attract the audience much if this episode only had me as a guest; thus, I want Xiangyu to participate as well. Oh right, the manager has already agreed to it."

Reading the smugness in her eyes, Wu Mingtians face turned ghastly pale. However, he didnt say anything further.

When Mr. Li and he had chosen Lin Wanwan to be the regular female emcee previously, there was already a lot of unhappiness between him and Su Maner.

Wu Mingtian had initially made up his mind not to work with Su Maner. However, he couldnt control how the person backing her was capable and even bribed the manager.

However, he didnt expect that Su Maner would even bring along Qin Xiangyu. This completely disrupted the plan that the program team had set.

At this moment, Su Maner walked over to Lin Wanwan and stretched her hand out with a friendly attitude.

"We are indeed fated. Look how quickly weve met again."

Lin Wanwan sensed from her smiling face that she came not bearing good intentions. She smiled slightly. Both of them shook hands and, very quickly, separated.

Not long later, the filming officially started.

The first segment was a puzzle game that tested memory.

The staff personnel gave a huge piece of paper to the seven people. The paper was full of words.

Wu Mingtian said, "There are two hundred questions on this piece of paper. All of them are accompanied by the correct answers. Ill give everyone three minutes to memorize them. After that, I will randomly ask questions. One point will be added for every correct answer, and one point will be deducted for every wrong answer. Your time begins now!"

"No!" Cai Wenjia exclaimed exaggeratedly, "Everyone knows that Im completely bad at studies. Only three minutes given for so many questions? I cant do it!"

The other three people also complained and asked Wu Mingtian to add more time.

Su Maner swept her eyes across the contents and said in a perplexed tone, "Arent these questions too simple? We have already learned them from textbooks previously."

Upon hearing this, Cai Wenjia and the rest didnt look good. Was she ridiculing them for how they could not be compared to her?

Qin Xiangyu, who was by the side, chimed in, "Sister Man is a top-grade student who graduated from the Imperial Capital University. Arent you insulting her by coming up with such simple questions?"

She looked at Lin Wanwan, who was sitting not too far away, browsing the contents on the paper. She chuckled and deliberately raised her voice.

"I understand. You guys are taking care of Lin Wanwan. After all, she had some issues with her brain previously. Even if she has recovered now, there would definitely still be a gap between us normal human beings and her. She doesnt have a good foundation. If she encounters a game like this that tests her IQ and brain power, she would definitely lose, and lose very badly."

When he heard this, Wu Mingtians face sank.

He knew that Su Maner had brought along her sidekick to deal with Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan wasnt troubled. She smiled plainly and said, "Although some people are stupid, they do clever things. Although some people are not stupid, they do all sorts of stupid things. The boundary between stupidity and cleverness is hard to distinguish. Xiangyu, which kind of person do you think you are?"

Qin Xiangyus expression changed. "What do you mean?"

"You dont understand?" Lin Wanwan tilted her head and smiled innocently. "Im sorry. I forgot youre a little fairy whos an otherworldly being. How could you understand the words of a commoner like me?"


Cai Wenjia and the rest could not help but laugh out loud. Wu Mingtian didnt stop them, and he even laughed along.

Regardless of how stupid Qin Xiangyu was, she knew that Lin Wanwan was being sarcastic to her. "Lin Wanwan, you"

Su Maner pulled her. "Forget it, Xiangyu. I know youre worried that Lin Wanwan will lose too badly. Since she doesnt appreciate it, we dont have to be good either."