Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 473

Chapter 473 If Someone Offended Her She Would No Longer Treat The Other Party As A Person

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Qin Xiangyu snorted coldly. "A dog biting L Dongbin ill-rewarding a persons kindness!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan looked toward Cai Wenjia, who was sitting next to her. "Teacher Cai, in this day and age, dogs and people walk together. I cant tell them apart anymore."

Cai Wenjia added in all seriousness, "Me neither."

Qin Xiangyu gritted her teeth with hatred. In the end, under Su Maners comforting gaze, she sat back down indignantly.

The game hadnt started yet but there was already such a commotion. Wu Mingtian felt more hatred toward Su Maner and Qin Xiangyu, who were both here to find fault.

The countdown started.

Compared to other people, who were concentrating seriously, Su Maner would glance at Lin Wanwan from time to time. Seeing that she was browsing the contents on the paper rapidly, she could not help but laugh coldly in her heart.

Three minutes passed by very quickly.


Wu Mingtian got someone to take back the pieces of paper from the seven of them. As there was a large number of questions, the questions that were arranged were indeed not difficult.

Su Maner had snatched to answer the few questions that were asked in succession.

"Another point to Su Maner. She has a total of five points. The rest have zero points!"

Su Maner looked at Lin Wanwan and acted gentle and amiable. "You have to work harder."

Qin Xiangyu laughed coldly. The eyes she looked at Lin Wanwan with were filled with disdain.

"Sister Maner, even if you were to continue encouraging her, its no use. To wash a pig is to waste both soap and water. One is someone who hasnt learned much knowledge while the other is a top-grade student from the Imperial Capital University. Isnt it obvious who will win and who will lose?"

Su Maner looked at her and said, "We are still recording the program. Dont spout nonsense."

Lin Wanwan looked at the arrogance in Su Maners eyes. The smile on her lips turned colder.

It looked like she had to be more serious. She initially thought that this was just a game and there wasnt a need to care too much about winning or losing.

However, she had now changed her mind.

Wu Mingtian was afraid the three of them would argue and hurriedly said, "The sixth question, what is the capital of Japan?"

Lin Wanwans eyes flashed. She didnt answer it immediately and let Su Maner read out the answer with confidence.


"Wrong answer."

Wu Mingtian ignored Su Maners slightly changed face and looked at Lin Wanwan, whod raised her hand. "Wanwan, tell us the answer."

"At present, Japan doesnt have laws to define the capital. Its just that in the hearts of the people, the capital is always Tokyo."

"Correct answer, one point to you. One point deducted from Su Maner!"

Lin Wanwan smiled and sat down again. From the corner of her eye, she saw Su Maners face turning slightly red.

After being shocked, Qin Xiangyu said disapprovingly with a cold smile, "A dead rat fell into a blind cats clutches sheer luck."

"The seventh question, what are the eight types of sworn brotherhoods?"


Su Maners conditioned reflexes had led her to speak. However, from her flashing eyes, one could tell that she didnt know the answer.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan stood up and said, "The deep friendship between Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya, companionship, taking risks for each other life and death!"

"Correct, one point added!"

Su Maner clenched her fists and looked coldly at Lin Wanwan.

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan was also looking at her.

Their line of sight collided and sparks went flying.

This time, Lin Wanwan didnt avoid her gaze like before. She raised her eyebrow and gave a smile that carried strong provocation.

If someone didnt offend her, she wouldnt offend the other party. If someone offended her, she would no longer treat the other party as a person.

From there, Wu Mingtians questions were no longer under the category of simple general knowledge. Instead, they were relatively unpopular knowledge, recorded in the center of the paper.

Su Maner had previously belittled her opponents with her high educational qualifications and didnt memorize much. Now, it was either she answered wrongly or she couldnt answer the questions.

Lin Wanwan relied on her extraordinarily retentive memory and recited the answers without missing a word.

"The game ends! Lin Wanwan has eight points. Su Maner has answered five correctly and six wrongly, so its minus one point. The rest have zero points. Lin Wanwan wins!"