Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Youll Be Happy Once You See Me

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Amidst the applause, Cai Wenjia and the rest smiled and said, "We really couldnt tell that Wanwan is a top student with superb memory!"

"Haha, thanks to Wanwan, we didnt answer a single question but managed to become runner-ups."

It was as if Su Maner and Qin Xiangyu had been forgotten as they stood alone by the side, their faces looking extremely ugly.

Although everyone didnt directly ridicule them, the way they were silently neglected had already proved everything.

The top-grade student, who was ranked at the bottom, looked at the respected Lin Wanwan. She recalled what she said earlier and felt both embarrassed and angry. She couldnt wait to find a hole to drill in!

Seeing that Su Maner looked as if she was going to eat people up, Qin Xiangyu carefully comforted her and said, "Sister Maner, dont be angry. Its just a small game. So what if Lin Wanwan won? Our main event is happening later."

Upon hearing this, Su Maners icy look eased a little. She stared at Lin Wanwan resentfully.

"Lets go!"

Qin Xiangyu was like a little maid as she responded to her. She followed behind Su Maner and left the hall.

Lin Wanwan looked at their back views and she squinted her eyes slightly.

After theyd rested for a while, filming resumed.

The first part went pretty smoothly. It was just that a small situation had happened when Wu Mingtian was splitting the seven of them into teams.

Cai Wenjia and the rest expressed subtly that they were unwilling to team up with Su Maner and Qin Xiangyu. In the end, Lin Wanwan inexplicably formed a female team with them and battled against the male team.

The three people in the female team hated one another and naturally lacked chemistry. For the next few games, they lost without any accident.

The game results directly affected Lin Wanwans accommodation for the night, as she was arranged to sleep in the cheapest room in the hotel.

After dinner, Cai Wenjia called her.

"Sister Wanwan, we are going to play cards with the director later. Do you want to come along?"

Lin Wanwan expressed that she was not interested. She returned to her room, lay down on the bed, and opened her WeChat.

"What are you doing?"

Lu Zhanbei sent her a photo of his work. The study table in the photo was filled with all kinds of documents.

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Send a photo of your selfie over."

Lu Zhanbei didnt respond for quite some time. Lin Wanwan was feeling a little bored from waiting when Ruan Baoer suddenly sent a message over.

"Sister Ball, I forgot to tell you that Tang Chen has also sent you a birthday present."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "What did he send?"

Ruan Baoer sent over a photo. There was a heart-shaped pink diamond ring in the photo, and it was sparkling with a charming luster.

There was a small piece of paper with a row of words next to the diamond ring.

Lin Wanwan, this is custom-made from the "Guardian" brand. One can only order once in his life. It symbolizes the only guardian. I will personally help you wear it the day you accept my pursuit."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

God of plague Tang was still trying to make his presence known anytime, anywhere.

"Help me keep the ring. Ill find a time to return it to him."


At this moment, Lu Zhanbei sent a message over. It was really a selfie he sent.

Hes too obedient~

Lin Wanwan was appreciating Lu Zhanbeis face at 360 degrees under a high-definition lens with no dead angle. She smiled with satisfaction and saved the photo.

"Was it fun today?"

Upon seeing this message, Lin Wanwan pouted. "No. There were two people who tried to hold me back, and they caused me to lose completely for the first time."

Lu Zhanbei didnt ask her who was holding her back or what the specific details of what happened were.

"Youll be happy once you see me tomorrow."

Lin Wanwan covered her mouth and laughed. Why was this man saying the truth?