Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Turning Someones Trick To Ones Own Use

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Lin Wanwan was about to reply when someone knocked on her door.

"Whos there?"

A gentle female voice traveled in from outside the door. "Its me, Su Maner. I want to have a chat with you. Is that ok?"

Lin Wanwans eyes flashed slightly. She walked over to pull open the door.

Su Maner was still wearing that complicated gown. The smile on her face was so gentle that Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps.

"Mind inviting me in to sit down? I know there are a lot of misunderstandings between us. If enmity is not settled amicably, therell be no end to it. Look, I even brought supper over. We can eat while chatting."

Lin Wanwan looked at the food boxes in her hands. A glimmer of light flashed past her eyes, but she still gestured a "please" with her hand.

Su Maner walked in carrying the food boxes. She looked around the simple decorations in the room and said apologetically, "Sorry. If not for me and Qin Xiangyu pulling you down, you wouldnt be staying in such a place."

Lin Wanwan didnt acknowledge her words. She smiled and said, "Take a seat."

Su Maner sat down elegantly. She opened the food boxes one by one. "I have carefully prepared all of them. I hope you can forgive me for my previous offenses."

Lin Wanwan asked in puzzlement, "You didnt offend me in any way. Why are you apologizing?"

This little slut still dared to pretend!

Su Maners eyes were faintly cold. However, she had a look of remorse on her face.

"Its all because of Jennifers dress. Ive said words to hurt you before. We all belong to the entertainment circle. We could have been friends. Why do we have to be enemies?"

She pushed the food box toward Lin Wanwan. "Im apologizing via this meal. After eating, we will be friends moving forward."

Hah. She was, after all, someone who won an award before. These acting skills were really not bad.

However, to be able to lie to her, Lin Wanwan, she was still too tender.

"I have already forgotten about the dress. You dont have to take it to heart. Im not hungry right now. You can place them here first. Ill eat them later when Im hungry."

The rejected Su Maners face sank slightly. "Youre not willing to give me even this little face?"

Su Maners expression turned cold. The anger in her tone was half-real, half-acting.

"Must I beg for your forgiveness in front of the national media before you are willing to let bygones be bygones?"

A playful thought flashed past Lin Wanwans mind. Interesting. Since a soft tactic didnt work, she was using a hard tactic.

From the moment she opened the food boxes, Lin Wanwan already knew what this person was up to.

There was a faint scent of wine in the food. Although the amount was very little, she was naturally sensitive to the smell of red wine since she had opened a winery before.

She had wanted her to come into contact with alcohol and then appreciate her ugly state when her drug addiction kicks in, didnt she?

Her intentions were not bad. However, it was a pity she was too late.

Lin Wanwans face immediately revealed some helplessness. "As long as I eat them, you will no longer bother me?"

Su Maner felt joy in her heart. "As long as you are willing to forgive me, Ill feel at ease. I wont force you if youre not willing to be friends with me. We will be strangers who have nothing to do with each other in the future."

Lin Wanwan sighed. She pretended to take a bite of every dish, and her face suddenly changed!

"There seems to be" She choked and changed the topic immediately. "Ive already eaten the dishes. You can leave now!"

Seeing Lin Wanwan swallow the food with her own eyes, Su Maner felt agitation in her heart. The smile on her face changed, and there was a trace of contempt mixed with slyness.

"No rush. I got my assistant to pack these dishes from a high-end restaurant. Theres premium red wine added as seasoning for all the dishes. How wasteful would it be if you take only a mouthful of each dish? Since its still early, lets eat them together."