Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 476

Chapter 476 A Clown

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"No!" Lin Wanwan looked anxious. "I want you to leave here immediately. Get out quickly!"

Su Maner knew that she had realized there was alcohol in her food. The reason she was so eager to chase her out was definitely because she wanted to go through the drug attack alone, or find someone to ask for help.

Thus, she sat still and curved up her lips to look at her.


Lin Wanwan stomped her feet resentfully and suddenly rushed toward the door!

However, before she could pull open the door, Su Maner had grabbed her wrist.

"Lin Wanwan, where are you going? We havent finished eating supper yet!"

"Let go of me!"

Lin Wanwan turned her head and saw Su Maners smug look. At first, she was stunned. Then, she acted as if she was enlightened.

"You knew I will when I come into contact with alcohol. You did it deliberately!"


Su Maner admitted to it readily. The anger she had kept in her heart for the past few months was swept away instantly. She felt good all over.

"I knew that alcohol would trigger your drug addiction, so I deliberately spited you. I didnt expect you to act well but be so stupid. You got fooled so easily!"

She could not help but laugh out loud.

"Xiangyu will be bringing over the program team shortly. I will record this scene and let the whole nation see how their popular starlet is like when her drug addiction kicks in. Congratulations, you are going to be super famous this time around!"

Lin Wanwan looked frightened. "Su Maner, you will die a horrible death!"

Her body trembled and she flung away Su Maners hand. She rushed into the washroom without looking back and locked the door.

Su Maner laughed out loud again. The drug addiction must be about to kick in soon.

At this moment, someone knocked on the room door.

Knock, knock, knock! A series of knocks on the door could be heard, coupled with Wu Mingtians anxious voice. "Open the door quickly! I heard that Wanwans in trouble. What happened to her?"

Su Maner played with the messy strands of hair by her ear and smiled flirtatiously.

Now, it was time for her to put on a show.

She pulled open the door and nearly bumped into Wu Mingtian.

"Su Maner, why are you here? Wheres Lin Wanwan?!"

Su Maner swept her eyes over and realized all four male artistes and the main program team members were all here.

She smiled with satisfaction in her heart and exchanged a look with Qin Xiangyu, who was walking at the back. Then, she lowered her head, feeling uneasy.

"Director, sorry. I didnt manage to stop Lin Wanwan. She sigh!"

The way she spoke made them feel puzzled and uneasy.

"Whats wrong with Wanwan?"

Su Maner bit her lip. She struggled internally before replying, "When I came in, I bumped into Lin Wanwan taking drugs. I tried to stop her, but she wont listen."


Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked.

What! Lin Wanwan was hiding in her room taking drugs!

Wu Mingtian was the first to react. His expression turned extremely ugly in an instant.

If word of this got out, not only would Lin Wanwans reputation be ruined, the program would be implicated as well. It might even be given the cold shoulder completely!

"Where is she now?"

Sensing the anger on Wu Mingtians face, Su Maner felt satisfied in her heart. On the surface, she pointed weakly in the direction of the washroom.

"Her drug addiction kicked in. Shes hiding inside now!"

Wu Mingtian immediately rushed toward the washroom. The rest of them hesitated. As they followed up, they started their whisperings.

"I didnt expect Lin Wanwan to be such a person!"

"She was once injected with drugs by that vicious stepmother of hers. I guess her willpowers too weak and she cant kick away the habit. Were in trouble now. If word of this gets out, we have to stop filming our program. She really does great harm! Had this been known earlier, Director Wu should never have let her into the team initially!"

"Should we call the drug rehabilitation center?"