Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Fatal Counterattack

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Su Maner swept her eyes over those angry faces. She was so happy that she wanted to scream out loud in her heart.

Lin Wanwan, youll have such a day too!

Slap, slap, slap! Wu Mingtian started to slap the washroom door crazily.

"Lin Wanwan, come out quickly!"

Su Maner walked over as well. She looked worried and advised in a caring tone, "Wanwan, come out first. We will send you to the drug rehabilitation center. Once you kick away the addiction, you can still return to the entertainment circle. Dont worry, we will never look down on you"

She had not yet finished her words when the door opened with a creak.

Lin Wanwans beautiful face was revealed to everyone. She blinked and looked puzzled.

"What wrong have I done? Why do you guys want to look down on me?"


Everyone looked at her standing properly. Regardless of her physical reactions or facial expressions, they were the same as before. Everyone was confused.

What was this situation?

Didnt Su Maner say that Lin Wanwans drug addiction kicked in and she was taking drugs?

Su Maner was shocked. She still maintained the look of a caring sister, but her eyes were full of incredulity. The overall combination was exceptionally strange.

"Impossible!" Under immense shock, she blurted out, "Your drug addiction will be triggered once you come into contact with alcohol. Why didnt it kick in? This is impossible!"

Upon hearing this, everyone was confused once again.

Lin Wanwans drug addiction was triggered by alcohol? Even if that was true, how did Su Maner know?

The impulsive Su Maner immediately realized she had said something wrong. She was about to say something to smooth things over. However, Lin Wanwan didnt give her the chance to do so.

"Su Maner, I dont know who revealed this information to you. However, I can tell you very clearly now that Ive kicked away the drug addiction."

In the previous moment, Su Maner had still been immersed in the ecstasy of defeating Lin Wanwan. The next second, she seemed to have fallen from heaven into hell. Her body started to tremble.

Suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something. She stared fixedly at Lin Wanwan, her expression ferocious.

"Then youve previously"

Looking into her wild eyes, Lin Wanwan laughed lightly. She didnt say anything, but her teasing eyes clearly revealed a message.

I was playing you, you little fool.

The blood on Su Maners face faded like the waves. Her body couldnt stop trembling.

She had fallen for it. Lin Wanwan had turned her trick to her own use.

Lin Wanwan had guessed her plan and even pretended to fall for her provocation. She acted out the symptoms of her drug addiction, making her think that her plan was a success.

When everyone arrived, she deliberately went into hiding, only to give her a head-on blow at the very end!

In Lin Wanwans eyes, the performance that she thought was exciting was just those of a clown self-directing a scene!

She had failed

She had once again failed at the hands of Lin Wanwan, whom she had belittled!

Su Maner no longer had that smug look. Her face turned pale, and there was a trace of madness and unwillingness in her eyes.

The blow she suffered this time around was even more unacceptable compared to the slap Lin Wanwan had given her previously.

The whisperings from all sides were all the more like sharp needles piercing her heart!

"I think, I understand what is going on"

"Me too. Su Maners too vicious. Thankfully, Wanwan has already kicked away her drug addiction. If she really fell for it, she would have been ruined by Su Maner her whole life! Even if she had some grudges with Wanwan in the past, she need not resort to such ruthless tricks, right?"

"Shes so despicable and vicious. What an eye-opener for me!"