Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 479

Chapter 479 My Surname Is Lu. My Full Name Is Lu Zhanbei

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Su Maner could tell from his heavy breathing that anger was boiling in his heart. She deliberately retreated for the sake of advancing and said, "Why dont we let it go? This Lin Wanwan is too creepy. Ive tried to deal with her several times but she always managed to avoid them. Godfather, dont be angry. Its ok if Im feeling a little wronged. I only hope to be by Godfathers side every day now"

Liang Bozhong was not very concerned with Su Maner as a plaything.

Even if he was tired of her, Su Maner was currently still his woman. If someone dared to bully her, it was equivalent to hitting him on the face.

He had already gotten Special Assistant Wen to personally take action. However, he still cant get rid of a small actress in the entertainment circle. If word of this got out, where would his face be?

"Maner, put a stop to your childish scheming tricks."

Liang Bozhong had opened his mouth to speak, his voice cold.

"Since this Lin Wanwan made you so unhappy, then theres no need for her to live in this world anymore."

Understanding his words, Su Maner was overjoyed. "What Godfather means is"

Liang Bozhong snorted coldly. "Shes just a starlet. One word from me and she wont survive tonight."

Su Maner was so excited she nearly shouted. Thinking of how Lin Wanwan had walked away earlier, her desire for revenge became stronger.

"Godfather, can you bring Lin Wanwan over first so that Maner can vent on her?"

Liang Bozhongs smile carried with it some blood-sucking cruelty. "Of course you can. I heard that that Lin Wanwan is quite pretty and shes young. I havent tasted a young girl for a very long time. When Im done playing with her, Ill give her to my assistants, a reward for being loyal to me."

"Ok, Ill listen to Godfather for everything!"

Listening to Liang Bozhongs description of Lin Wanwans pitiful ending, Su Maner could no longer control the agitation in her heart.

"Then I wont disturb you any longer. Ill wait for your good news."

After the call ended, Su Maner looked at Qin Xiangyu. She raised her eyebrows happily.


Both of them looked at each other and smiled. Then, they laughed together in unison.

On the other end, Liang Bozhong pressed his temples. He picked up the internal telephone on the study table and dialed a number.

He didnt know if something went wrong with the phone, for it kept producing clattering sounds.

Liang Bozhong slammed the phone in irritation and shouted, "Come here!"

As his words fell, a knocking sound on the door could be heard.

"Come in."

Liang Bozhong waited for quite some time. There wasnt any movement outside the door. He stood up impatiently and walked to the door. As he opened the door, he shouted, "Special Assistant Wen, havent I"

The voice stopped abruptly as he saw three uninvited guests standing outside the door.

"Who are you?!"

Liang Bozhongs eyes revealed shock. His conditioned reflexes led him to retreat. Because of this movement, the fats from his belly jiggled as well.

Numerous bodyguards were arranged both inside and outside his residence. All of them were on guard. However, these three young men seemingly appeared from nowhere. Nobody knew when they had invaded here!

The man standing in the center was slender. His silhouette alone was elegant, like an eye-catching landscape.

As he tilted his head, a faint, gentle, and harmless smile was revealed on his handsome face. The curvature of his thin lips was so mysterious and noble.

"Im sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Lu. My full name is Lu Zhanbei. Mr. Liang, this is the first time we meet. Please take good care of me."