Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Knock Them Down For Me

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Only after Lin Wanwan had exited the school gate and was heading over to their side did Tang Chen signal with a look.

Tang Qiang nodded. He did not even get the chance to step on the gas pedal before a white commercial car rushed in. The tires produced friction against the ground, and a loud screeching sound could be heard.

The car door was pulled open, and many reporters holding cameras and microphones jumped down.

In the blink of an eye, they rushed forward and surrounded Lin Wanwan so closely that it was impossible for her to break out.

“Ms. Lin Wanwan, may I ask if you are the mysterious second female lead in the movie ‘The Palace‘?”

“I heard that you are the second daughter of the Lin family, the one who said there was no one else you would marry but Luo Han half a year ago. May I ask if you are entering the entertainment circle now so that you will be in a favorable position to gain some sort of advantage?”


Lin Wanwan, who was suddenly sandwiched without rhyme or reason, rubbed her lips slightly.

Without giving her a chance to answer, another reporter quickly followed suit with his questions.

Compared to the first few who had asked tactfully, his questions were more intrusive, to the extent that they could be considered mean.

“According to what your father had said then, you have been mentally retarded since young. How did you manage to obtain this role, or are there any other reasons behind this?”

If not for Lin Wanwan’s rationality, she would have thrown him a punch a long time ago!

She also had not expected that she would be exposed at this critical moment.

A lot of buzz was created, which attracted the attention of students loitering at the school gate.

They crowded over and, after hearing the reporters’ questions to Lin Wanwan, they exclaimed.

Many students heard the news and came over as well. Lin Wanwan knew that she could not delay this any longer.

She was an abnormal person in the eyes of the public. She could not possibly explain this situation, and thus, she could only try to forcibly break out.

However, once Lin Wanwan moved, she was immediately pushed further away from the crowd. There were even reporters whose microphones had directly hit her face.

It was a commotion. All the nonsensical questions attacked her eardrums, inducing a throbbing headache to develop.

What the hell, these fellows are as irritating as ever!

There was only one way to get away from this predicament.

She would openly declare that she was not a fool to divert the reporters’ attention and then escape in the midst of chaos.

Lin Wanwan slowly said, “Everyone, listen to me”

Her timid expression at the beginning changed to a calm look. Unfortunately, the reporters were all busy asking questions and digging for gossips that no one noticed the change.

Only Tang Chen, who was sitting in the car, raised his eyebrows. “I have an even better idea.”

It suddenly dawned upon Tang Qiang, “A hero saving a damsel in distress?”

Tang Chen did not deny. “Once I save her, she should devote her life to me.”

“Understood.” After saying this, Tang Qiang prepared to make a call.

Based on his boss’s status, each media outlet would not dare refuse to save face.

“It doesn’t have to be that bothersome.”

Under Tang Qiang’s questioning gaze, Tang Chen smiled evilly. “Knock them down for me.”



Tang Qiang instinctively stepped on the gas pedal. The sports car was like a flash of lightning and sped towards the crowd gathered together.

The tires rolled up dust, and the buzzing sound of the motor instantly covered all the noise.

“What the!”

A few students standing at the outermost side looked back, immediately shouted, and ran away frantically.

Others reacted quickly too. With a shout, the crowd dispersed and rushed to hide on both sides.

As there were too many people and everyone was panicking, they only cared about their own escape and the scene was very chaotic.

Lin Wanwan was stunned as well. Where did this lunatic come from? He was so arrogant. Did he not want to live anymore?