Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 480

Chapter 480 To Cause The General Fury For The Beauty 1

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"Lu Zhanbei"

Liang Bozhong muttered this name, as if in deep thoughts. Why did this name sound so familiar?

Lu Zhanbei

Suddenly, Liang Bozhongs pupils shrank. His legs buckled and he almost knelt down. The eyes that were looking at Lu Zhanbei were filled with incredulity.

"You are Lu, Lu"

He stuttered this name several times and was so shocked that he eventually could not say it completely.

Gu Mos lips twitched fiercely. He had not said anything yet when another young man, who was leaning against the wall and seemed to be sleepy, suddenly lifted his head.

He was dressed very simply. A black casual pants was matched with a white shirt. Two buttons were opened on his neckline and an exquisite collarbone was revealed.

However, what was contrary was that he was wearing a white, Western-style wide-brimmed hat on his head. The hat was very big and almost blocked out his entire face.

"Lu Nimei, arent you annoying?" The thin lips that were exposed moved slightly. He said it in a plain tone that carried with it a hint of laziness.

Gu Mo chuckled and looked at him slyly. "God Mo, are you still sleepy?"

"Very sleepy."

After saying this, Mo Jiushang leaned against the wall and closed his eyes again. Judging from that even breathing, he had really fallen asleep.

Gu Mo rolled his eyes. He should really be called God of Sleep Mo instead.

It was as if Liang Bozhong had been forgotten. His body stiffened and he swallowed his saliva. It was hard to hide the nervous and uneasy look on his round face.

"Mr. Lu has graced us with his presence. Do you have any instructions for me? Just give me your orders, Mr. Lu. I am willing to defy all difficulties and danger!"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow and pulled out a Swiss army knife from Mo Jiushangs waist.

"Indeed, there is something Im looking for you for."

He removed the scabbard. Liang Bozhongs shocked and frightened face was reflected on the shiny blade.

"Mr. Lu, if I have offended you anywhere, I apologize. I"

As he said these words, both his legs were trembling.

Liang Bozhong no longer had that high and mighty arrogance he had when he was conversing with Su Maner. Even though Lu Zhanbei was still giving him an elegant smile, layers and layers of sweat had appeared on his back.

Liang Bozhong wasnt a small character who didnt know his place. He knew very clearly about the power distribution in Xia country.

It was precisely because he understood that Lu Zhanbei represented a strong background and powerful forces that he didnt even think about rebelling against him.

"Shush." Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. "Listen to me first."


Although Lu Zhanbei was already very restrained, in front of him, Liang Bozhong was like a negligible ant who was being overlooked by the mighty and superior king.

"I heard you mentioning that you would like to lay your hands on Lin Wanwan, right? Coincidentally, Im a little interested in her."

Liang Bozhong was stunned. He understood and said, "Oh, so its like this!"

There was a flattering look on that fat face, like how a little eunuch had finally found a way to get into the good books of the emperor.

"To be honest with Mr. Lu, I initially wanted to kill Lin Wanwan after playing with her. However, since you are interested, I can immediately send my people to catch her and bring her to you. Shes slender and tender. It must feel very good to play with her"

The excited Liang Bozhong didnt notice that the smile on Lu Zhanbeis face was disappearing bit by bit.

It was obviously a handsome face that was pleasing to the eye. However, as it was expressionless, it looked exceptionally scary.

Without any warning, Lu Zhanbei rose his arm.


He threw out the Swiss army knife in his palm. It was inserted straight into Liang Bozhongs fat moving lips. The movement was quick, ruthless, and accurate!

"Ah!!!" Heartbreakingly pitiful screams sounded immediately.

Liang Bozhong didnt expect that the man who was still talking to him in a jovial mood the previous second would actually hurt him. His hands subconsciously covered his mouth. However, this caused a second-degree tear to the wound, and it was so painful that he broke out in cold sweat.

At this moment, Gu Mo kicked his knee, forcing him to kneel on the ground.