Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Great Flash Of Anger For A Great Beauty

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“Mr. Lu, why did I say something wrong?”

His words were barely recognizable, and blood oozed out as he spoke.

Lu Zhanbei lowered his body and stared at Liang Bozhong, whose face was twisted in pain.

“I have yet to lay a hand on Lin Wanwan, but you are already thinking ahead of me. Impressive.”

His gentle voice sounded like the devil’s whisper in his ear.

At that moment, he understood everything.

“Mr. Lu, I was wrong”

Every time he spoke a word, the sharp blade would slice across his already injured lips.

Liang Bozhong’s body was shivering uncontrollably, but he did not stop begging for mercy. “I was stupid. I had no idea whom I was up against! I will never do it again! Please, Mr. Lu, let me go”

Lu Zhanbei smirked. “Letting you go would only benefit you. How about all the trouble that you have caused me?”

He pulled the blade out; his slow movements brought Liang Bozhong tremendous pain as his scream echoed.

Lu Zhanbei stood up and watched the man suffer in a graceful and elegant posture. His lightly curved lips locked fear in Liang Bozhong’s soul.

“Liang Bozhong” His voice was soft.

The man looked up subconsciously and met a pair of devilish eyes. His body jerked in fear.

“Holy!” Gu Mo clicked his tongue when he saw a pool of yellow liquid under Liang Bozhong’s body. “This guy just peed himself!”

Lu Zhanbei stepped back in disgust. He slid the knife back into its sleeve and patted Mo Jiushang’s shoulder.

“Wake up.”

Mo Jiushang opened his amber-colored eyes and moved his thin lips. “My turn?”

“Don’t kill him.”


Mo Jiushang stepped toward Liang Bozhong silently.

The latter was shaking in fear yet didn’t have the guts to escape.

Mo Jiushang finally showed some expression. The edge of his lips curved slightly. “Since you are so obedient, I’ll go easy on you.”

“” Gu Mo’s lips twitched.

Obedient? Liang Bozhong was just scared out of his mind!

Fifteen minutes later, Mo Jiushang dragged Liang Bozhong’s body and followed Lu Zhanbei out.

A blood path was created as his body was moved across the floor. The man was drenched in blood, and his breath could hardly be heard.

When they walked past the patio, Liang Bozhong saw a row of dead bodies, all the handiwork of Mo Jiushang!

No wonder he received no information.

His men had been taken out by Lu Zhanbei without him even realizing it.

In contrast with Liang Bozhong’s despair, Gu Mo was busy complaining.

“Sir, take a look at this. Mo Jiushang arranged these people from skinny ones to the fat ones, tall ones to short ones. It looks like a goddamned Wi-Fi signal! Mo Jiushang, do you do this every time? May I ask are you not tired?”

“” Mo Jiushang’s eyes were barely open. His sleepy expression was the perfect answer to Gu Mo’s question.

Gu Mo pouted as he couldn’t get a word out of Mo Jiushang’s mouth.

The loud sound of propellers resounded from above as the helicopter made its landing smoothly.

Lu Zhanbei ripped the gloves from his hands and threw them aside. “Destroy this place.”