Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Lunatic Fantasies

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Not long after, Go Mo reported to Lu Zhanbei. "Sir, the men that we deployed have successfully taken down all of Liang Bozhongs dens."

Hearing this, Liang Bozhong was utterly hopeless as he lay on the floor like a dead wolf.


The luminous flame light reflected on Lu Zhanbeis handsome face, coating his eyes with a warm orange.

"Take over Mr. Liangs company and convert it to cash to buy some desserts for Lin Wanwan. Consider it to be compensation for the emotional damage dealt to her. "


A million thoughts ran through Gu Mos mind.

Lin Wanwan has no idea of Liang Bozhong insulting her! Where did the emotional damage come from?

If you are going to side with your girl, just be honest with it!


Lu Zhanbei made his way to the helicopter, and the rest followed.

The helicopter pulled up and disappeared into the skyline.

Night had arrived.

Right after Su Maner called Liang Bozhong, she contacted the producers of "King of Limits" and said that she would stop participating in the show.

Wu Mingtian accepted her request gladly. He couldnt wait to send this troublemaker away.

Su Maner got back home, took a bubble bath, and waited for good news in the living room.

Tic Toc

"The sun is almost up"

Su Maner couldnt suppress her anticipation any longer. She grabbed her phone and gave Liang Bozhong a call.

Her sugar daddy had always been efficient, so Lin Wanwan must be in his hands right now.

When I see Lin Wanwan, I will get back at her in the harshest way.


Su Maner laughed as she imagined Lin Wanwan being tortured. Suddenly, an emotionless voice sounded.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available right now. Please try again later."


Su Maner tried again and again, but no one was there to pick up the phone.

She called his assistant instead, but it wasnt answered either.

Somehow, Su Maner had a bad feeling about this.

"No way, there is no way that he would fail. He must be busy with something," Su Maner said to comfort herself.

The sun rose soon after.

She had made countless attempts to contact Liang Bozhong, but they all failed miserably.

She turned on the TV in irritation.

At that time, the Capital Channel was showing the morning news.

Before Su Maner could switch the channel, the voice of the female announcer attracted her attention.

"Last night, the citizens attention was turned to a row of landed properties exploding in the middle of the night. The Ministry of Defense had explained this morning that they were attempting to capture the head of a criminal organization. Liang Bozhong, CEO of an entertainment company, had been caught stepping into unauthorized trading of illegal goods"

Su Maner didnt hear what the announcer said next, and she didnt have to.

Bam The remote fell from her sweating hand.

"Hes caught" Su Maner looked pale. "How can that be"

Of course, the morning news wouldnt have lied to her.

"Its over" Su Maner collapsed onto the sofa. "Im over"

The fall of Liang Bozhong meant the end of her back-up.

From today onward, there was no one to protect her.