Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Long Lived Ashole

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Once Liang Bozhong had toppled over, the news of her trying to harm Lin Wanwan would definitely become widespread. Even if there was no real evidence, a spit from everyone would be enough to drown her to death.

At this moment, the mobile phone suddenly rang.

After a while, Su Maner picked up the call. It was Qin Xiangyu.

Qin Xiangyu’s call made Su Maner see a glimmer of hope.

She had been in the entertainment circle for so many years. As she was high-profile and arrogant, she had offended a number of people. Even her only girlfriend was used as a tool.

It could be said that she didn’t have a friend she could rely on in the huge entertainment circle.

If Qin Xiangyu was willing to help her, perhaps there was a chance for her to make a comeback.

“Xiangyu!” Su Maner called her name out agitatedly. She was about to ask her for help.

Qin Xiangyu’s indifferent voice interrupted her, “Su Maner, I’m afraid I can no longer be friends with you. If you bear a grudge against me and want to expose me as your accomplice, then I can only explain to everyone that I was forced by you. Now that your godfather has toppled over, I’m finally free.”


As Su Maner heard the mobile static noise from the receiver, that glimmer of hope in her eyes completely disappeared.

She was still maintaining the position of taking a call, but she looked numb.

After a while, she laughed out loud crazily. “Hahaha-”

As she laughed, there were tears in her eyes.

Xia Yili, Han Zixi they were the “girlfriends” she had abandoned before.

Now, was it finally her turn to be abandoned?

What was this? Everyone kicks a man who is down?

Su Maner recalled how glamorous she was in the past and thought about the unbearable situation she might face in the near future. She could no longer hold back and lay on the sofa, crying out loud.

Due to the commotion created by Su Maner, this episode of “King of Limits” had to stop filming temporarily.

Lin Wanwan felt bored and let Lu Zhanbei drive back to the Imperial Capital. She also stayed in Yun Mansion for a night.

The next morning, as she ate breakfast, she listened to Lu Zhanbei confessing to what had happened yesterday.

“Do we take it that you have caused thia general fury for the beauty?”

Ever since Lin Wanwan started to accept Lu Zhanbei in her heart, she no longer resisted his help.

“Beauty?” Lu Zhanbei said this word slowly. “Since the ancient times, beauties have died early. However, every time I see you, I feel that you can live to a thousand years old.”

“” Was he ridiculing her for being ugly?

Lin Wanwan immediately replied, “I also feel that you can live to a thousand years old. Oh no, ten thousand years old. You’re a long-lived a*shole!”

Lu Zhanbei was not annoyed. Instead, he said lightly, “If I can die together with you, it’s not bad being an a*shole.”

Damn. Lu Zhanbei was too shameless. He actually started to use the trick of arousing one’s fervor!

Lin Wanwan was both embarrassed and annoyed as she rolled her eyes at him. She took out her mobile and started to refresh her Weibo.

If the big news on the social pages today was that Liang Bozhong had toppled over, then the headlines for the entertainment pages was sure to be related to Su Maner.

“Su Maner used vicious means to frame Lin Wanwan. Now, she’s reaping what she sowed!”

There was a long article below this caption.

The article’s content completely detailed the process of how Su Maner had framed Lin Wanwan yesterday night, but the latter had turned her own trick to her own use.

Once the news was out, a lot of netizens were shocked.

Just when most people were expressing their doubt, Su Maner’s “girlfriend” Qin Xiangyu suddenly jumped in and said that everything was true.

Qin Xiangyu claimed that she was threatened by Su Maner’s godfather and could not help but be an accomplice. In the end, she even apologized to Lin Wanwan on her Weibo and begged for forgiveness.