Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Get Rid Of Evil To Give Peace To The People Repent And Be Saved

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At this moment, Su Maner became a rat running across the street hated by everyone.

Lin Wanwan scrolled through the comments that were critical of Su Maner and her smile turned cold.

Su Maner was not a good person. Qin Xiangyu was similarly not any better.

However, she had indeed belittled Qin Xiangyu this time around.

She had initially thought she was stupid too. She didnt expect that shed be so decisive and that her skill of changing her face was more sophisticated than Su Maners.

Lin Wanwan snorted with contempt and continued to eat her breakfast.

Lu Zhanbei detected a trace of sorrow between her eyebrows and he squinted his eyes. "Are you pitying that Su Maner?"

Lin Wanwan turned speechless in despair. "The word saint isnt on my face, right?"

There was indeed a Mary Sue in this world who would return good for evil. However, she would never become such a person.

"Then what are you troubled over?"

"Im troubled that Im on the hot searches again. Aside for work, I dont really want to be a hot topic, especially those that hold someone up high and stomp someone down low. Regardless of how innocent I am, there would be some keyboard warriors who would, in the name of enforcing justice on behalf of heaven, condemn me for not being kind."

"Dont worry. You wont be on this hot search for long."


Lu Zhanbei said in a meaningful tone, "Because a bigger news will appear soon enough and suppress yours."

"What big news? How do you know?"

"You will know then."

""Thanks eh, you only know how to act mysterious!

Before Lin Wanwan left, the butler Uncle Ying walked in with a strange look.

"Sir, young Tang got someone to send two gifts over. One is for Sir, the other is for Ms. Lin."

Compared to Lin Wanwans speechlessness, Lu Zhanbei was calm and asked, "What gifts?"

"They are two silk banners."

Uncle Ying opened the rolled-up banner and saw that the words on Lu Zhanbeis silk banner were "Get rid of evil to give peace to the people."

The words on Lin Wanwans silk banner were "Repent and be saved."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Indeed, he was young Tang. He simply loved to play.

Lu Zhanbei leisurely retracted his gaze. "Since its his good intentions, I wont reject it. Uncle Ying, hang mine up."

Lin Wanwan looked at him, as if asking, "Youre really intending to keep it?"

Lu Zhanbei read the meaning in her eyes and he raised his eyebrow. "You dont want it?"

"No!" Lin Wanwan said firmly.

"Hang them up together then."

Uncle Ying asked, "Sir, where would be a more appropriate place to hang these?"

Lu Zhanbei answered, "The doghouse."

Lin Wanwan gave a thumbs up silently.

In the afternoon, Lin Wanwan received notice that this episode of "King of Limits" had to be filmed again. As time was running out, the filming location was now changed to the Imperial Capital.

Lin Wanwan changed into a new set of clothes and drove to the venue alone.

Everyone had a tacit understanding and chose not to mention the turmoil caused by Su Maner and Qin Xiangyu.

Without these two troublemakers, the five people who had chemistry with one another returned to their previous states again.

Halfway through, Lin Wanwan went to the washroom.

As she pushed open the door, she saw a girl wearing a historical costume practicing a variety of expressions in the mirror.

As she was too focused, she didnt realize Lin Wanwan was standing at the door at all.

Lin Wanwan observed for a while. When she saw her stop her practice, she smiled and asked, "Youre the game actor invited by the program team?"

That girl was obviously shocked by the sudden sound.

"Lin Wan Ms. Lin"

A shy and nervous expression was immediately revealed on her beautiful face.

"I thought there wont be anyone here temporarily, so I came here to practice. I Ill leave immediately!"